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An umpire in Mexico apparently dove into a few pre-game wobbly pops and had to be removed by his own crew because he was visibly hammered. Classic. (Twitter via Jomboy Media)

There’s nothing quite like an ice-cold beer while watching a baseball game, except maybe don’t do that if you’re one of the umpires.

During a contest in the Mexican Pacific League, umpire Huberto Saiz had to be removed from the field after his fellow officials believed he was drunk. And they might have been on to something.

It wouldn’t really be a true intoxicated official incident without the fans taking some grenades, too.

There was simply no one in the stadium that Saiz would not flip off. Starting down the first base line, giving a mighty middle finger up high, and then on his slightly stumbling walk to his officiating position, giving it to some fans in the front row. And then, finally finishing it off with his most powerful one finger salute to home plate.

After the game, Saiz went on social media to issue an apology.

“Dear fans, managers, umpires, journalists of the Mexican Pacific League and of course my wife and children feel sorry and ashamed of what happened,” Saiz said in his post, roughly translated. “I am clear that I must respect the noble fans since I should not make gestures or to players and fans I not only committed an unworthy act for me, but this is undeservedly extended to my colleagues in the profession and to the Mexican Pacific League that always gave me confidence and I was not a worthy trustee in this situation.”

Infamous MLB umpire Angel Hernandez has a new peer he looks up to.

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