Microsoft reveals new adaptive accessories for PC – ClutchPoints

In the past few years, Microsoft has shown a huge interest in catering to disabled people when it comes to gaming, as their previous efforts with the Adaptive Xbox Controller have proven to be very intuitive and well received by many users out there. With multiple control schemes, input options, and configurations, the Adaptive Xbox Controller was the most powerful tool that disabled gamers could own. Now, they have taken their efforts one step further with the announcement of new Adaptive Accessories made for the PC platform.

In this brief 4-minute video posted over at the official Microsoft Surface YouTube Channel, the new Adaptive Accessories will include three new products: the Microsoft Adaptive Mouse, Microsoft Adaptive Hub, and Microsoft Adaptive Buttons. These new accessories are fully customizable and just like with the Adaptive Xbox Controller, users can configure inputs and shortcuts in various different ways. The Adaptive Mouse will function much as a regular PC mouse would, except that it will come with various attachments such as a mouse tail, thumb extender, and other parts that can be purchased or even 3D printed if possible.

With the new Adaptive Hub and Buttons, users can set up four different buttons via a Bluetooth connection and add various designs and button toppers that can serve multiple functions, including a D-Pad, Joystick, and more. For those that need more unique forms of input, there will also be other parts that can be purchased or 3D printed.

With all these new parts and attachments, not only will disabled people have more opportunities to enjoy gaming on the PC, but will also have more opportunities for work and productivity. All and all, these products are sure to benefit everyone and help create a better environment for everyone within the Microsoft ecosystem.

There is currently no price available for the Adaptive Accessories from Microsoft. The current release window for these products will be Fall 2022.



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