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January 31, 2022 by No Comments

Over the course of the last few years, NACON has gone big. But not only have they attempted to muscle in on the gaming scene by picking up and publishing all manner of video games, but they’ve also found a foothold in the accessories market. Buying out RIG headsets was a decent start as that immediately gave them presence in the headphones space. Yet they’ve also found plenty of traction with their controllers. 

The NACON Revolution X Pro Controller is a pretty excellent alternative to the Xbox Elite Controller, whilst the MG-X is a fine example of what is required for anyone looking to play their Xbox games via the cloud, more specifically Xbox Game Pass titles through an Android phone. 

Now though they are building on that with the MG-X Pro. I think it’s their best addition to a bulging range of devices yet.

The NACON MG-X Pro is a weird looking device. Whilst the standard MG-X fits much more in line with the likes of Razer’s Kishi or Gamesir’s X2, the Pro version takes the usual premise and throws a proper Xbox controller at it, hoping that bits will stick. What turns out is a weird hybrid controller, one that still manages to utterly scream Xbox.

We’ll be honest. When we first saw images of the MG-X Pro, we weren’t taken, wondering how the weirdness would sit in the community, attempting to find love with gamers. Upon using it though and it’s safe to say that we get it. We totally get it.

Utilising a spring loaded system which pulls back in order to allow you to fit your Android device inside, the MG-X Pro is a solidly built device, one that will give confidence that your precious phone is safe and secure. 

It grips well, with a textured back and side grips ensuring that there’s little chance of your phone slipping or getting chipped. What’s more, a simple little shelf on the bottom of the Pro helps keep the phone even more secure. In fact, we’d go as far as say that – for a Bluetooth unit in which there is no physical connection between unit and device – it’s one of the most secure on the market.

We’ve used the MG-X Pro with a number of phones, but most of these are definitely seen as premium devices that are on the larger side of what’s available in the phone space. Our old Google Pixel 2XL fits nicely, our newer Pixel 6 Pro does likewise, whilst we’ve had no trouble with a Motorola G8 Plus either. Even our ickle little Pixel 4a has had no problem filling the Pro’s space as a home. 

NACON reckon the MG-X Pro is good to cater for phones with screens up to 6.7 inches. If you have a device up to that upper limit, you should be good to go. And because this is a Bluetooth device and there’s no need to line up a USB-C connection, it makes no difference if you decide to use it with your phone cased up, or totally naked. It should fit something like a Galaxy Fold 3 fine too.

As standard all the usual Xbox related buttons are in place – including some rather neat, slightly oversized face buttons – with all working really well. The triggers …….



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