Nacon MG-X Pro Review: One of the best controllers for mobile, offering a home console experience on the go – James Ide – Mirror Online – The Mirror

January 26, 2022 by No Comments

The Nacon MG- X Pro is designed for gamers who don’t want to compromise their portable experience when playing on their mobile devices

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Nacon release mobile gaming controller MG-X PRO

Nacon MG-X Pro

Gaming on mobile is a paradox. On one hand, the screen and processors on mobile devices have become incredible – rivalling home consoles from the past.

However, while the power of these devices is no longer the issue, their biggest limitation is their compact size. Basically, on-screen touch controls suck.

They are cramped, they blow your already limited screen size as well as your hands getting in the way and lifelong gamers will react much slower than on a controller as you have years of muscle memory when using a controller.

French gaming accessories maker Nacon has done the impossible and made me actually enjoy streaming games on my mobile, with the release of their new controller the MG-X Pro.

You can attach your Android smartphone to the adjustable support



While you could use several other controllers with your device, including the Xbox One, the MG-X Pro with its split housing design, brings your device more in line with portable devices like the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck.

I’ve dabbled in mobile gaming in the past using my 8bitdo controllers, which felt a little awkward. I even had an ugly Moga Pro controller many years ago, which was a basic version of a controller with a built it mobile clip.

These experiences left me with low expectations for the MG-X Pro. However, I’m delighted to say it blew me away, making mobile gaming much more appealing.

Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller: Take control and give your performance an edge with this reactive and responsive controller

The MG-X Pro is an official Xbox accessory and made in the image of an Xbox controller with the same button layout and look, as well as asymmetric joystick positions and the inclusion of the Xbox Nexus button making it a familiar experience for existing Xbox players.

With a height of 11.7cm, a width of 25.7cm and a depth of 7cm, the ergonomic design of the MG-X Pro feels very close to a standard Xbox controller.

It fits perfectly in the hand and is comfortable to hold thanks to the textured rear grip.

The design buttons are perfect for steaming Xbox games



With a weight of around 350g despite its chunky build, it is light and easy to carry, however, as it’s the Pro model I wish it came with a carry case, as this is supposed to appeal to gamers on the go.

The MG-X feels solid, well-built, and balanced in the hand. The A, B, X and Y buttons are slightly enlarged making them easier to see and …….



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