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Nacon release MG-X PRO lets Game Pass owners play the latest games on their mobile with a very familiar control scheme


Image: Nacon)

French gaming accessories company, Nacon have today released a brand new model of mobile controller called the MG-X PRO.

The wireless controller allows you to place a compatible mobile phone in the centre of the device, turning it into a portable gaming system so portable players won’t need to rely on cramped on-screen touch controls to play.

The MG-X PRO is an upgraded version of last years MG-X, the PRO features a much larger and more extensive controller interface that instead of being compact like the MG-X instead it looks and functions a lot more like a standard controller.

Utilising a very similar look and layout that Xbox users should be familiar with, The MG-X PRO should help bridge the gap between mobile and console gaming.

You can attach your Android smartphone to the adjustable support



This officially licenced Xbox controller is designed to support Game Pass, which is a Microsoft service that allows you to pay a monthly fee to play hundreds of games.

It also allows you the ability to stream games directly to mobile phones allowing players to pick up where they left off and play on the go.

You can also play native android games too allowing gamers access to an even larger catalogue for titles to choose from and in some cases, not needing any internet connection.

The MG-X PRO is perfect for cloud gaming



The MG-X PRO provides all the standard control options in a familiar design making it ideal for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate owners, the MG-X Pro offers the ergonomics and comfort of a traditional Xbox controller including asymmetrical joysticks, bumpers, triggers, action buttons so you can get the same gaming performance on the go.

It even features the Nexus or Xbox button which takes you to the dashboard “Home”. The textured coating on its ergonomic handles claims will make it easy and comfortable for a variety of users especially those with larger hands.

Despite the ability to securely hold your phone, this is a completely wireless device.

Compatible with Android devices past Android 6 OS and supporting phones up to 6.7 inches (152.4 mm) in its adjustable support and connects to the phone via Bluetooth 4.2.

Nacon claims the rechargeable battery lasts up to 20-hours and charges via USB-C, it also has the ability to check on the battery status with the LED indicator.

It is out now at the recommended retail price of £89.99.

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