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The MClassic graphics processor purports to take the video signal from your Switch and turn it up to 11, giving you an enhanced viewing experience while playing games. To be fair, this plug-and-play HDMI dongle from Marseille does what it says it does, it just isn’t all that impressive a user experience most of the time.

The MClassic works by picking up the video signal from your HDMI. It isn’t actually doing any of the initial video processing, that’s still all happening on the console. Instead, it takes the finished images and runs them through some additional processing to upscale the finished result (via┬áVentureBeat).

There seems to be a sweet spot where the MClassic works best, and that sweet spot is vanishingly small. According to VentureBeat, if your game is already running at 1080p, as many modern games do, then the difference is negligible, and you’re unlikely to even notice while playing. At the other end of the spectrum, for vintage 2D games, it doesn’t appear to do anything at all.

Even when it is working, the difference in picture is minimal enough that you’d likely have to stop actually playing and toggle the Switch back and forth to notice the difference. That’s not exactly conducive to a good gaming experience. Until and unless the effect improves, it isn’t worth your time or your money.



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