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This article features a free product provided by FlexiSpot

Whether you work from home, are a content creator professional, or just want a clean and easy-breezy desk setup for your gaming rig, everyone has a moment where they feel a need to change or refresh their setup. Anyone who has seen a video by Marques Brownlee has to feel at least a bit jealous of how clean his setup is, right?

When we were given an opportunity to try the latest pro line standing desk from FlexiSpot, we were impressed by the unit’s easy build process, the open space it provides, as well as how quiet it is when scaling up or down. While the 48”x 24” desk is an impressive piece of office hardware, it can’t be denied that without a back panel it shows every wire you have. That said, the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series is a great blank slate for developing your own modular desk setup to make your space function how you like. 

Sometimes we want a desk to be presentable in a Zoom call, in the background of a Twitch stream, a youtube video, or just for clearing the clutter of your mind, so we assembled some great modular accessories for any PC to pair with this desk, or any other open format tabletop like it, even if it a regular old table. 

CPU Holder Under Desk Mount (32.99): Holding up to 22lb, this wall mount PC can swivel and hold almost any PC tower. It’s a good way to keep dust out of the tower and promote more consistent airflow. 

Headphone Hanger & USB Hub (25.99): With the addition of the hub along with the ability to mount it on the front underside of the desk, this multipurpose hub will give a much cleaner and more organized appearance, a place to put those headphones when they’re not in use, and east USB access for charging your phone or plugging in a hard drive without fishing around the back of your PC tower. It also has an Aux port so your wired headphone cable doesn’t get caught on anything.

Two-Arm Monitor Mounting Bracket (34.95): Able to hold up two monitors, this will free up desk space and give a more uniform look to the desk along with having the functionality of 2 screens for more variable workflow. It’ll also allow users to keep from craning their neck down at a screen no matter if they’re standing or sitting at their setup.

Mountable 8-Port Surge Protector (28.99): Cleans up the cable clutter and allows you to have more expandability for more devices all while having one cable connected to the wall, and this model can be mounted so it’s not loosely hanging on the floor.

UtechSmart XL Mouse pad (11.99): This one is just to give you a nicer typing and scrolling experience this mouse pad will cover both keyboard and mouse to not scratch the surface of the desk. It is water-resistant, and for PC gaming scenarios allows for easy whip turns in shooter games. It’s the perfect length for a desk with about 48” long table space.

Logitech Mechanical wireless keyboard (59.99): Mechanical keyboards have been in for years now, so why not have a minimalist look with a mechanical wireless keyboard with red switches. And wireless allows for no-fuss in a minimalist …….

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