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The new controller with a replaceable skin shell will give players longer playing time, stable connection, and wide range compatibility.

STOGA Corporation, the creator of the most innovative and cool controllers on the market, is back with a new wireless controller for Switch and Switch Lite. Available with a replaceable cover design, this new controller is now available with an ergonomic and unique design and costs just $39.99.

The makers made it clear that this new Wireless Controller for Switch will support the left 3D and cross keys interchange function. The new controller can also be tailored to the user’s preferences to provide a better gaming experience. Its magnetic design will also support the quick replacement of different cover styles, which means a player can now choose a cover style according to their personal preferences.

It also comes with a detachable & replaceable D-pad, LED indicator light, and high precision 3D joystick. According to their design experts, the interchangeability feature of the left 3D joystick and cross button will surely ensure a better gaming experience for the players. The Wireless Controller for Switch will also support multiplayer game mode and ensure stable connection during the games with compatibility with a wide range of devices.

As evident, STOGA has long been an acclaimed name in the world of gaming controllers due to their undeniable focus on their customer’s needs. They are the world’s leading manufacture of the most innovative and cool controllers that help people become the best player they possibly can be. Their fast growth is expected to continue pushing them to come up with more innovative products like this one.

Some of their most popular products include STOGA All In One Gaming Workstation, Nook Wireless Pro Controller, MK25 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Adjustable Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support, Cthulhu Mythos Protective Case for Switch- Full Cover, and Mechanical Great White Shark Computer Host, among others.

Their new releases such as STOGA Keyboard and Mouse Adapter for PS5, Programmable Back Button Triggers for PS4/PS5 Controller, STOGA Wireless Mechanical Mouse, and STOGA Chainsaw Fright Torture Creative KeyCap have already been selling like hotcakes, having gained enough user interest over time.

Speaking about the company, one of their spokesperson was quoted as saying, “We recognize that each player is unique and has specific requirements. We’re continually tweaking the controls to suit your preferences. STOGA is committed to technological advancement. We continue to push the frontiers of innovation to offer one-of-a-kind, outstanding gaming controllers with features like as vibration and Console wake-up, Turbo Mode, and Back-side buttons.”

Those who want to know about the company should make it a point to check them out at stogagame.com/about-us/ or send an email to [email protected]

About Shenzhen STOGA Technology Co., Ltd. 

Shenzhen STOGA Technology Co. Ltd is a global innovator and creator of high-performance gaming controllers that offer superior accessories and customizable gaming controllers for consoles and PCs.

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