Projector-Equipped Gaming Controllers – Trend Hunter

September 7, 2022 by No Comments

The ‘Vi-Con’ concept gaming accessory has been designed by Hayong Kim as a compact, multifunctional game system for expanding the user experience outside of the home. The system takes the form of a modular controller, which has a standard design to deliver an ergonomic user experience. The peripheral, however, boasts a built-in projector for use at home or as a mobile gaming solution for players.

The ‘Vi-Con’ concept gaming accessory maintains a modular construction that allows the controller hand grips to be removed for play from home. The main unit can be positioned onto a surface for use as a projector for a handsfree experience. A series of built-in speakers provide immersive audio, while the OIS and EIS functionality will keep the projector beam stable when in handheld mode.



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