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PC gaming can be ridiculously expensive, especially if you want to buy one of the latest Nvidia 30 series graphics cards and that’s if you can even find them in stock. Not everyone needs to have the latest and greatest either and now casual gamers don’t need to spend a fortune on accessories either thanks to companies like Trust.

The Trust GXT 391 Thian headphones are stylish, lightweight and made from recyclable material. They can be used as a wireless headset thanks to the included 5.8Ghz USB dongle that features a solid and lag-free connection.

It also includes a foldable microphone with a pop filter. It can’t be removed but you can twist it upright and out of the way.

I found the earpads a little small for my ears and not as comfortable as I would have liked. The stylish faux leather material with a mesh top layer is made to last. The headband has a soft padding for comfort. It has just the right amount of clamping force and adjustability.

The Thian has a built-in battery that’s charged via a USB-C port and offers up to 13 hours of playtime.

The Thian’s left earcup has a volume dial as well as a mic mute and power button. It’s compatible with PC, Mac, PS5 and PS5 consoles and comes with a USB-C cable as well as a 3.5mm audio cable so you can still use them if you run out of battery.

The sound quality is excellent. You get a decent amount of bass with a full and balanced sound that’s great for gaming but also listening to music. Bear in mind these headphones don’t have any Bluetooth so you can’t use them with a mobile phone wirelessly.

Amazon.co.uk €75

Compact mechanical keyboard

The GXT 834 Callaz compact, tenkeyless gaming keyboard with mechanical switches and rainbow-wave for the ultimate gaming setup at an affordable price. I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the build and how responsive the mechanical Outemu switches are. Trust rate them to last up to 50 million key presses, making it ideal for intensive and long gaming sessions.

If you like a tidy desk layout then the compactness of a tenkeyless keyboard like the GXT 834 is ideal. It feels good and solid with RGB backlit mechanical keys that offer a positive and tactile feel. However, if you’re used to a quiet membrane keyboard, you should know that mechanical keys are much louder. That being said, I wouldn’t consider the GXT 834 keys overly loud.

The keyboard is not wireless but comes with a nice fixed braided USB-A cable.

For that gamer look, the Callaz includes rainbow-wave lighting featuring six colours with 20 modes — and adjustable brightness and speed for an extra dash (or 10) of flavour to any gaming setup.

Amazon.co.uk €56

Control freak mouse

What gaming setup would be complete without a good mouse? The Trust GXT 980 Redex can be used with the supplied braided USB-C cable or wirelessly. It features an impressive 50 hours of battery life on a single charge and an adjustable DPI for on the go adjustments. 

I found the latter great for gaming but also in a lot of desktop apps with a multiple display …….

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