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It has rained since Razer released the Kaira Pro for Xbox. In fact, it has been practically a year, but it was this vacation when we have been to the fullest with them to see how these premium helmets perform for our Xbox.

I have been using them well with my Xbox Series X -analysis- and Halo Infinite and, the truth is that it has been a success. But I have also used them a lot outdoors, since they are more than worthy headphones to listen to music with the mobile.

Let me tell you my experience with the Xbox Razer Kaira Pro in this review.

Razer Kaira Pro XboxDesignSteel headband with padded exterior | Cover the pinna | Memory foam and thermal transfer ear cushions Weight330 grams Speakers 50 mm drivers | Titanium diaphragm | 20 Hz to 20 kHz response | 32 ohm impedanceMicrophoneCan be pulled out | 100 Hz to 10 kHz response | Unidirectional CardioidControlVolume Control Wheel | Chat / Game Control Wheel | Mute button | Power button | Pairing button | Bluetooth ButtonConnectivityBluetooth 5.0 | Xbox Wireless Battery Up to 20 hours without RGB, 15 with RGB Price About 120 euros Amazon

Sections of the analysis of the Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox:

Steel interior and pads ideal for hours of gaming

I’m going to start by talking about design, since they are headphones – like almost everything that Razer launches – that attracts attention.

The body is made of plastic and it’s not a particularly good plastic. It is an ABS that catches the greasy of the fingers and that, for the price they have – about 120 euros right now, but they came out at about 170 euros – should be PBT.

But hey, it is the only negative point that I put to the design, since the rest is quite intelligent.

Top pad, the one that we have attached to the head, it seems thin and small at first glance, but it really is super comfortable.

It has a very nice padding, it is made of breathable material and the truth is that you can spend hours with the headphones on without being disturbed.

In that sense, they seem more comfortable than the official Xbox helmets -analysis-, but also somewhat more intelligent thanks to their microphone configuration. Or microphones, rather.

On the right earpiece we have two connection buttons and the balance wheel between game and chat. One of the buttons is for Bluetooth and the other is for Xbox Wireless to connect to Xbox the first time and to turn on the console at the same time as the headphones.

Why do we want that if we already turn it on with the remote? I have not used it, worse well, there is the option, as in the official Microsoft headphones.

In the left earphone we have a switch to mute the microphone, the volume wheel, the power button of the headphones, the USB-C charging port, the 3.5 jack for the microphone and a small hole that is another microphone. , an internal one.

We will use this microphone for calls with the mobile or the PC and later we will show you how it sounds, but it seems like a great idea.

And it is that, Razer invites you to wear these helmets on the street listening to mobile music without the ‘long’ microphone on. And well, if they call you in the middle of the walk, …….

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