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When I was small and curious, I’d often stick the side of my head up against my dad’s large hi-fi speakers. This is, admittedly, a silly thing to do with developing ears, but the fond memories of my musical youth are partially why I love the sensation of bassy vibrations at gigs. Of course, shuddering volume levels are usually reserved for high wattage speakers, so you can imagine my surprise to find Razer’s Kraken V3 Hypersense manages to emulate the experience. Better still, the new headset brings that same audio physicality to the realm of gaming, and its implementation is almost perfect.

Before we dive into Razer’s rumbly tech, let’s talk about the specific version of the Kraken that houses it. Just like its gaming audio counterparts, the Kraken Hypersense comprises plastic, metal, fabric, and leatherette, which contribute to both its premium and comfort factor. While there’s more going on inside this rendition of the Kraken, it’s still remarkably lightweight, something it’s able to maintain alongside rigidity.

I’m also a huge fan of the Hypersense’s cups and headband, as Razer has stuck to its usual fabric and leatherette hybrid setup. Sure, leatherette arguably looks more stylish, but it doesn’t age well when resting against human skin for lengthy gaming sessions. It’s worth noting that I’m also sensitive to certain materials, especially if they’re anything less than soft, so this headset gains some additional Brownie points.

Naturally, the V3 Hypersense comes with RGB-clad cups, and you can wield them within Razer’s Synapse software. Each jewel logo features ring and logo illumination, resulting in lighting that’s subtle but bright. Put it this way, if you’re a streamer, your chat will likely ask about this headset’s light show, as it feels distinctly different from the rest of the Kraken range.

Being a headset, the Hypersense also comes armed with a detachable mic, boasting clarity and noise reduction. It won’t force the best gaming microphone into retirement, but for voice calls, game chat, and everything in between, it’s perfectly serviceable. Although, in honesty, the mic’s bulbous pop filter looks a bit too much like a John Madden cosplay for my tastes.

 Razer Kraken V3 Hypersense  Logitech’s G733 EPOS H6Pro
Frequency response 20Hz – 20kHz 20Hz – 20kHz 10Hz – 30kHz
Connectivity USB 3.5mm | USB 3.5mm wired
Mic response 100Hz – 10kHz 100Hz – 10kHz 10Hz – 10kHz
Weight 344g 278g 278g
Price $129 / £129 $127 / £129 $179 / £149

A volume wheel, mic mute button, and a Hypersense mode button also occupy space on the back of the Kraken V3’s cups. Both the volume wheel and the mic mute button are easy to locate while wearing, which prevents any frustrating fumbles. The volume controls also come with a commendable level of accuracy, with each movement translating to increments and deductions of two. The mute button is also pleasing to press, as Razer’s use of a toggle switch provides a level of reassurance when knowing if you’re actually muted.

Aesthetics and headset staples aside, the Hypersense’…….

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