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Sub-bass frequencies are what put the thump in music, movies, and games, and they usually require a lot of space to generate. Subwoofers do it by using large drivers in large enclosures that shake enough air at low enough frequencies to generate rumble. This is a problem for headphones and gaming headsets that lack the room to produce those frequencies, and are located so close to the ear that it would be physically dangerous to the listener’s hearing. Razer’s $199.99 Kraken V3 Pro uses the company’s HyperSense technology to replicate that feeling much more safely by using vibrating motors to give the sense of sub-bass without the sound itself. It’s certainly an attention-grabbing effect, but we found it to be more disruptive than helpful in our tests. Despite the unneeded gimmick, the Kraken V3 Pro is an excellent wireless gaming headset.

Klassic Kraken

The Kraken V3 Pro uses Razer’s classic headset design, with large, circular over-ear earcups (the Barracuda and Blackshark lines have the more “typical,” oblong earcups, but Krakens have kept the same shape for more than half a decade). The earpads use thick, soft memory foam with leatherette lining the sides, and breathable fabric for the surface that touches your head. The underside of the headband is wrapped in a generous amount of faux-leather-covered memory foam as well, resulting in a snug, slightly warm, but comfortable fit.

The left earcup holds the majority of the Kraken’s controls and connectors, including a volume wheel, power button, mic mute button, USB-C port for charging, detachable boom mic connector, and a 3.5mm port for using the headset in wired fashion. The right earcup has the HyperSense button that lets you enable the haptic feedback feature.

An RGB light ring sits on the back of each earcup, and they can be set to show a variety of colors and lighting effects with the Razer Synapse software.

In terms of wireless connectivity, the Kraken V3 Pro works best with a PC. With it, you can customize settings and enable various features, including THX Spatial Audio, with the Razer Synapse software. The USB transmitter also works with the Nintendo Switch in docked mode, and with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The 3.5mm wired connection is compatible with any device with a headphone or headset jack, including the Xbox Wireless Controller connected to an Xbox and the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. The headset lacks Bluetooth connectivity.

Clean-Sounding Voice Chat

Razer has become proficient at making headset microphones, and that talent shines through with the Kraken V3 Pro. The headset’s unidirectional cardioid boom mic captures full, clear sound while reducing outside noise. My voice sounded clean in test recordings, and nearby coffee shop chatter remained low enough that I could be easily understood. We still recommend getting a separate USB microphone if you’re serious about streaming or podcasting, but the mic on this works quite well.

What Is HyperSense?

The Kraken V3 Pro includes Razer’s HyperSense feature, which adds haptic feedback to the audio that comes through the headset. Vibration motors in each earcup activate in tandem with the sound, adding a physical sensation to the audio. The feature is automatic, and doesn’t require using the Razer Synapse software to work; you simply press the HyperSense button on the right earcup (a tone lets you know that the feature is activated). It cycles through three intensity settings before deactivating, so you can easily adjust the vibration …….

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