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RedMagic announces a new launch. (Source: RedMagic)

The Android gaming smartphone brand RedMagic has announced that a new limited edition of its 7 Pro flagship will become the first-gen Optimus Prime-themed smartphone. The brand has yet to divulge what this collaboration will look like exactlly, although it has prepared a new, appropriately creative unboxing experience for consumers in China.

Update: RedMagic has just revealed that there is not just a new, Optimus Prime-themed version of the 7 Pro, but that a its vanilla counterpart now has a Decepticon-themed variant as well. The latter sports an attractive new black and purple colorway with official Hasbro-derived Transformers logos. Its blue-and-red-flame bearing counterpart has a nearly top-end 18GB RAM/512GB storage configuration, whereas the latest version of the vanilla 7 is a 16/512GB SKU. 

It is now offered at 5,999 yuan to RedMagic’s Chinese fans, whereas the 7 Pro Transformers Edition goes for 6,999 yuan . Both come in a convertible new box with additional accessories such as branded cases and pins, in addition to the accessories hinted at earlier. To date, there is no word on whether these new variants will join standard 7s and 7 Pros on the international market or not.

Original Article: Let’s roll out. RedMagic has only just started early-bird offers for the 7 Pro (Global Edition); however, it has something new for the Chinese market that some Transformers fans just might hope is also brought to the international market soon.

It consists of what seems to be a new 7-series variant that, based on teasers of its packaging, has been re-styled to match Optimus Prime’s paint job. This box is also clearly designed to unfold or expand as an Autobot might.

This action reveals some hidden compartments with extra branded accessories. They include one of RedMagic’s optional smartphone coolers, along with a multi-port 120W charger. This accessory, complete with a new and appropriately metallic gray finish and Autobot-head logo, will also be unveiled as a standalone product at its maker’s inaugural Transformers product event on April 25, 2022.

It will start at 269 yuan, whereas a 65W counterpart will go for 149 yuan. There will also be a RedMagic x Transformers 10,000mAh power bank, although the OEM has yet to state a price for this accessory. As for the Optimus Prime phone itself, its ability to rock the same cutting-edge features of a normal 7 Pro, such as its under-display selfie camera, remains to be seen.

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