Research shows Jacksepticeye was 6th most popular gaming streamer of 2021 –

Curry’s recently carried out research on the world’s biggest streamers, and found that there was an Irish person in the top 10 – Offaly’s own Jacksepticeye.

The 31-year-old placed 6th in the rankings, with Swedish streamer PewDiePie topping the list, American streamers Ninja and Markiplier in 2nd and 3rd, with Spaniards Vegetta777 and AuronPlay rounding out the top 5.

The statistics for 2021 showed that the combined top 5 had a combined social media following of over 300 million people across Instagram, Twitch and Youtube.

Jacksepticeye claimed a place on the list with 37.6 million social media followers, or roughly the same as the population of Canada.

Jacksepticeye was 2.6 million followers short of cracking the top 5, with the Spanish streamer AuronPlay commanding 39 million followers.

Swedish streamer PewDiePie comfortably leads the pack with 133 million social media followers, more than double of his closest rival Ninja.

Ninja was the most searched for streamer on the internet in 2021, with the streamer receiving 1.4 million unique web searches each month.

Jacksepticeye generated roughly over 400,000 searches per month in 2021.

Overall, the research found that 35% of the worlds top 20 streamers are American.

Other data from Curry’s indicated there was a strong rise in purchases relating to gaming accessories in 2021, which they attribute to new gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series XS entering the market.

Curry’s noted that the top gaming keyboards used by streamers are the Logitech G Pro mechanical keyboard (used by shroud and ibai), the SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL mechanical keyboard (used by bugha and Mongraal) and the Corsair RapidFire K70 Low Profile MK.2 mechanical keyboard (used by Ninja and DanTDM).

Demand for gaming headsets was at its strongest in January, VR headsets saw a strong increase in sales in December, and October was the busiest month for gaming keyboards.

Search volumes for audio gaming chairs were up 222% of their average volume in December, while rocking gaming chair searches were also up to 173% of their average volume in December and searches for console gaming chairs were up to 173% in November. 

In terms of online global search volumes, the most searched-for types of accessories were PS4 and PS5 controllers, Xbox One controllers, joysticks and mechanical keyboards, while looking at brand-specific searches, Razer headsets, Playseat gamer chairs, SteelSeries headsets and Logitech gaming mice were the hot topics.

Based on Curry’s sales figures, PC gaming accessories are higher in demand than console gaming gadgets, with wired gaming headsets and wired gaming mice the biggest-selling items at Curry’s in 2020.

A spokesperson for Curry’s said “the strong sales of gaming mice is likely because gamers feel the USB provides a more stable and responsive connection. On the other hand, wireless models can offer more freedom of movement without tangled wires in the way.”

“PC gaming gadgets are also in higher demand than console accessories, potentially due to the more customisable nature of a PC gaming setup,” they added.



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