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Anyone looking to upgrade their gaming set-up or find the perfect Christmas gift for a gaming fan will benefit from a little inspiration. 

To highlight all the most popular gaming accessories of the moment, Currys has released new data looking at the best-sellers, the most searched-for gadgets, and the gaming accessories used by the world’s top streamers. 

The top gaming streamers and their gadgets 

  • The top 10 streamers are all PC gamers, with PewDiePie, Ninja and Markiplier topping the list for having the most followers 
  • The top gaming mouse used by streamers is the Logitech G Pro Wireless, used by tommyinnit, jacksepticeye, ibai and bugha 

With millions of followers to their names, the top gaming streamers know a thing or two about gaming tech – so, they’re a good place to look for inspiration about what to add to your gaming setup. 

The top gaming keyboards used by streamers are the Logitech G Pro mechanical keyboard (used by shroud and ibai), the SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL mechanical keyboard (used by bugha and Mongraal) and the Corsair RapidFire K70 Low Profile MK.2 mechanical keyboard (used by Ninja and DanTDM). 

The most searched-for gaming accessories 

  • The most searched-for types of gaming accessories are VR headsets, gaming keyboards and gaming headsets 
  • The most searched-for brand-specific gaming accessories are Razer headsets, Playseat gaming chairs and SteelSeries headsets 

Trends in searches for certain products can reflect purchase habits, what’s being spoken about the most, and rises and falls in the popularity of certain gadgets. It appears that VR (virtual reality) has captured the public’s attention over the past year – topping the list of most searched-for types of accessories and making it into the top 10 of product-specific searches. It’s gaming headsets and gaming chairs that crop up the most across both categories, however. 





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Top 10 most searched-for types of gaming accessories and branded accessories 

Product specific accessory 

Playseat gaming chairs