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Gaming accessories are two a penny these days. However, high-end products are not so easy to come by. Consequently, getting the right gaming peripheral is easier said than done and mistakes are easily made. There are a few market-leading brands that stand out. ROCCAT, Razer, and Corsair are among the best I’ve tried, but they have a price point to match. The costly outlay may put off some gamers, but I recommend investing if you want the best experience. I’ve recently covered the ROCCAT Kone XP mouse, and I adored everything about it. Therefore, when the ROCCAT Burst Pro Air landed on my desk, I was excited to see what was on offer. 

This wireless accessory is versatile, bright, stylish, and responsive. It has the build quality you come to expect from the ROCCAT range and looks gloriously vivid with its multi RGB lighting segments. Furthermore, it is lightweight, has a responsive nature, and comes loaded with the latest ROCCAT technology. What’s more, it has the normal mappable buttons, a DPI adjuster, a meaty but comfortable wheel, and it feels wonderful in your hand. So, let’s see what’s in the box before I discuss the technical aspects and my thoughts on it.

What’s in the box of the ROCCAT Burst Pro Air?

  • Advertising and packaging are big business, and ROCCAT knows it. Subsequently, their design is striking, simple, and clean-cut. The mouse is delivered in a light, but strong cardboard box that is emblazoned with key selling points and the company logo. Inside, I was disappointed to see the mouse housed in a clear plastic container. Yes, I like that the accessory was protected, but in an environmental savvy world, plastic is not necessary.
  • ROCCAT Burst Pro Air mouse. A sturdy peripheral that can be purchased in black or white. It has a sleek outer casing that overlays an RGB honeycomb interior.
  • 1.8m Phantom Flex USB-C Charging cable. This handy braided cable allows you to quick charge the mouse, or play wired if you so wish. It’s well built and has ample length for most “normal” gaming setups.
  • Wireless dongle. A small USB dongle that can be stored inside the mouse’s body to keep it safe. 
  • A quick start guide. This helpful document matter-of-factly explains the fundamentals.

Simple and clean packaging.

The ROCCAT Burst Pro Air.

Quick Start Guide

The full package

Technical aspects. 

If you are going to invest heavily in a mouse for the best experience, you want it to be top-notch. Luckily, the ROCCAT Burst Pro Air mouse is jam-packed with market-leading technology. What’s more, its buttons feel weighty and robust, the central wheel has a comfortable and noticeable movement, and mapping the IE forward and backwards buttons is a simple task. Furthermore, there is a handy profile select button, DPI adjuster, and it moves smoothly thanks to the heat-treated PTFE gliders.

Buttery-smooth movement is only as good as the sensor that is provided. Luckily, the exclusive Owl-Eye optical sensor has a 19k resolution with a 400 IPS tracking speed. In short, it’s rapid as hell and picks up every minor movement …….



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