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Whether you’re looking to pick up a new PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 console this holiday season or you just want to expand your game library, a slew of PlayStation Cyber Monday deals make this the ideal time to save money by taking advantage of great deals on PlayStation games and accessories. Unfortunately, the challenge this holiday season is finding a PS5 in stock. These gaming systems are very difficult to find, and when a retailer drops new inventory, the consoles tend to sell out in minutes.

It’s time for PlayStation Cyber Monday deals—here’s how to save on games and accessories.


PS4s are somewhat easier to find, but even they can be hard to come by and you’ll be hard pressed to discover any big discounts on the gaming system itself. Instead, you’re more apt to save money on new games and accessories which are readily available. Your best bet for finding a PS4 without paying a premium is to look into buying a used or refurbished system from a retailer like Walmart, Amazon, or GameStop. Because the PS5 is still relatively new, used and refurbished systems are pretty much nonexistent.

So while you’re unlikely to find a discounted PS5 this season, there are plenty of other PlayStation Cyber Monday deals percolating. Here are the best available right now.

PlayStation Cyber Monday PS4 Deals At Amazon

A PS4 Slim Offered By An Independent Sellers

This PS4 console from an Amazon Seller comes with 1TB of storage. It’s being sold at a premium price, and you can expect delivery between December 2 and 6.

A 500GB PS4 Slim Is A Little Cheaper

This PS4 Slim with 500GB of storage is also being sold by an Amazon Seller at the premium price of $599. Expect delivery between November 30 and December 7, but inventory is very limited.

PlayStation Cyber Monday PS4 Deals At Walmart

Walmart Has Many PS4s For Sale, Many Refurbished

Here are all the PS4 product listings at Walmart. Note that in some cases, consoles are labeled as “Renewed” or “Refurbished,” so be sure to read the product descriptions carefully before placing an order. Some independent sellers do not accept returns.

PlayStation Cyber Monday PS5 Deals At Walmart

Walmart Has PS5s For Sale—If You Can Stomach The Price

Your chances of finding a PlayStation 5 console at Walmart for its suggested retail price are slim, but there are a lot of premium-priced models for sale from independent vendors.

PlayStation Cyber Monday PS4 Game Deals

Save $14 On Call of Duty: Vanguard

You’ll find yourself quickly immersed in some of the most gritty and tumultuous WWII battles when you experience this epic first-person shooter.


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