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Source: Windows Central

RiotPWR is a company focused on mobile gaming accessories, albeit with a modest range of products to date. Their first entry, the Rotor Riot, was a mobile-gaming controller available for iOS and Android devices. It enjoyed reasonable success, establishing RiotPWR as a formidable player in the hardware game. Their latest is the RiotPWR ESL, adorned with the vibrant color pallet of its namesake, ESL Gaming, the world’s leading esports professional gaming company.

RiotPWR offers its ESL controller in two flavors again, one for iOS devices and another for Android. It’s clear that the pad is designed with the Xbox controller as inspiration but also features some neat extras to keep your device charged and comfortable during extended gameplay sessions. Being so similar to the Rotor Riot, how much has RiotPWR improved upon for the ESL controller?

RiotPWR ESL mobile controller

Bottom line: The RiotPWR ESL controller is a fantastic accessory for mobile gaming, with high-quality parts and support for pass-through device charging. The downsides include loud clicking on its shoulder buttons and weaker resistance on the analog sticks.

The Good

  • Pass-through charging
  • 3.5mm headphone port
  • High-quality build

The Bad

  • Incompatible with lightning-connected headphones
  • Weak analog sticks
  • Loud shoulder button clicks

RiotPWR ESL: Price and availability

Source: Windows Central

RiotPWR sells its ESL controller through its official store and major third-party retailers, including Amazon and Best Buy. The RiotPWR ESL currently enjoys good stock availability and comes in one color, matching the ESL theme. Two configurations are available, one for iOS and the other for Android. Be sure to select the correct model for your device since the included cable is not cross-compatible.

RiotPWR ESL: The positive

Source: Windows Central

Mobile gaming has grown to an incredible level over the past decade, with console-quality games available on many phones and tablets. A downside to these AAA games is finicky touch screen controls, often too frustrating for more complex and competitive games. Initially concerned with how much compatibility might exist for mobile games, the RiotPWR ESL automatically directs you to the Ludu Mapp mobile app. The app, designed by T2M, the parent company of RiotPWR, categorizes mobile games with controller support.

The app proved invaluable and saved me plenty of time scouring the internet for controller-supported games to play with the ESL pad. The good news is that everything I played worked perfectly without having to re-map controls for any of the games that I tried. The delight of a device advertised as plug-and-play living up to its promise was fantastic. Most games allow you to hide on-screen touch controls, which gives them a genuine console-quality feel.

In hand, the controller feels comfortable if a tad on the smaller side. It makes sense to be a little more petite given its mobile game nature where portability is paramount. The detachable phone mount saved me space when …….



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