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The power to create and fully control a world seems unfathomable unless we are talking about a virtual one. And Roblox lets you do exactly that. It serves as a free, social platform that hosts a variety of games and experiences that one can participate in, all while offering a robust chat system.

Players can create their own custom avatars by cycling through a set of options such as hair, clothing, accessories, and emotes. Then, in just a few clicks, you can pick a server and jump right in the middle of a game session. Here, you could be evading the police, playing a multiplayer shooter, or making new friends in the in-built Robloxian Highschool, to name just a few.

Counter Blox is a bootleg version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, following similar rules as the original. (Screenshot)

Created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004, Roblox saw rapid growth in the second half of 2010, when YouTubers began using it to create memes or play bootleg versions of popular games. The pandemic-induced lockdown was another driving force, urging children around the world to sign up and interact with each other, taking the player base to over 164 million active users in August 2020. It also played host to some virtual concerts, similar to Fortnite, where artists like Zara Larrson and Twenty One Pilots performed in a range of interdimensional stages.

Roblox Studio

Besides the consumer aspect, Roblox includes a downloadable software called Roblox Studio, which is the core engine the game runs upon. Players can use it to create virtual spaces and objects by tinkering with 3D models or coding over them with “Lua” programming language to create new game modes for others to play.

The assembly stage, however, does not require any coding knowledge. Just like Unreal Engine 4, users can directly import and interact with the provided templates to scale and resize, change angles, and move them around using draggable axes.

Modelling a tree in Roblox Studio. (Screenshot)

The in-built properties tab adds more depth to your models, by offering colour options, transparency slider, shadows, and reflection. It even lets you pick textures. Collisions can be enabled as well, through a simple checkbox so your character does not pass through models or walls like a hologram

When finished creating the game or virtual room, users can publish it for anyone to play or set it to ‘private’ or ‘friends only’ by heading over to the permissions settings. One can also select what devices the game will be run on – PC, phone, tablet, or consoles.

Robux and child developer exploitation

Robux is essentially a virtual currency that is used to make purchases within the game. Most of them are cosmetic, while others enhance your Roblox experience by unlocking paid games. For instance, in city-based simulation game modes, players can buy boosters that speed up the progression rate or give them extra money to fulfil certain tasks, instead of having to earn them through gameplay. These are called microtransactions and are generally frowned upon because of how manipulative they are – providing an unfair advantage to those willing to pay for it.

Robux can be purchased in packages or via a monthly subscriptions system. (Screenshot)

The in-game currency can be acquired via the official store in packages, for which, you will have to pay real money. Spending the lowest tier, $4.99 (about Rs 372) grants 400 Robux, while the …….



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