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An online gaming platform with billions of gamers playing online titles, Roblox players play games with immense trust and love. As a result, Roblox game developers have shown their creativity to heights by creating tons of games in various genres.

Titles that have grown more in popularity enhance the chances of generating real money for the game creators. These games should follow specific guidelines, have a decent number of users, and some premium members following regularly, after which it is ready to collect some serious amounts of cash.

Roblox also organizes events for its gamers to keep them engaged and make the platform interesting and attract more users. The events are helpful for players as they get new in-game items like Robux, accessories, skins, and other exciting things.

Some events have grown to deliver codes to fans. Codes play a significant role in Roblox, and gamers eagerly wait for the developers to drop them. As some game developers develop codes on new updations, others release them via Twitter or the Discord server.

This article focuses on the new working codes for Mansion of Wonder (May 2022), how to redeem them, and more facts about the game.

Codes for Roblox Mansion of Wonder to redeem free accessories and more

New active codes

Players should never forget to type out these codes carefully and correctly as they are case-sensitive, and for their proper functioning, they need to be typed out in the same manner. Otherwise, these codes will not work correctly.

So it is better to simply copy and paste the desired code from the list to avoid any sort of typos and errors.

These codes also do not last forever, so users should try using them at the earliest or before they expire.

Here is the list of active, working, and valid codes for Mansion of Wonder (May 2022):

  • Glimmer: Use the code “Glimmer” to get a Head Slime hat accessory (New)
  • ThingsGoBoom: Use the code “ThingsGoBoom: Redeem this code for a Ghastly Aura waist accessory
  • ParticleWizard: Use the code “ParticleWizard” to get a Tomes of the Magus shoulder accessory
  • FXArtist: Use the code “FXArtist” to get an Artist Backpack accessory
  • Boardwalk: Use the code “Boardwalk” to get a Ring of Flames waist accessory

New code: Glimmer: Head Slime Hat accessory Code is the new code. Redeeming a code in IoM will help the players receive exclusive items for their Roblox account.

Expired codes

As these codes will expire one day or another, gamers can always see the expired list to avoid wasting their time trying them. Entering expired codes will not affect any progress, as this will not delete any past achievements. The code will simply not work if individuals enter the expired codes.

Luckily, currently, there are no expired codes for Mansion of Wonder.

How to redeem Mansion of Wonder codes

Redeeming codes for Mansion of Wonder is not a complex task. Users can follow the steps below to receive exciting rewards:

Step 1: Open Roblox on Mobile, PC, or any other device.

Step 2: Launch Mansion of Wonder and head to the swag booth.

(The Swag booth will open by either pressing the …….



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