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September 18, 2022 by No Comments

(Pocket-lint) – Gaming phones might be seen as something rather niche. While mainstream flagship phones tout the latest specs in all areas, gaming phones optimise the offering to specifically cater to gamers – while often undercutting those flagship phones on price.

The ROG Phone 6 Pro is an experience. From opening the box, to the range of gaming-specific accessories that you can get for this phone, there’s a feeling that there’s a lot going on. The best part is that the experience isn’t just limited to gaming – it’s a great smartphone too. At the same time, it now feels like you’re paying for that experience, with the ROG Phone 6 available in cheaper forms with little real compromise.

Our quick take

There are many that might dismiss a gaming phone out of hand. They are big, brash, and carry a design that might turn some people off. But at the same time, the out-of-the-box experience offered by the ROG Phone 6 Pro is amongst the best you’ll find. It’s just a great phone to crack out of its hexagonal housing and play games on.

That brings the sense of something special to this type of phone. Everyone has the latest Samsung phone, but not everyone has a ROG Phone. You might miss out on the latest camera tweaks, but there’s no shortage of power and the design decisions and software on this phone will make your gaming experience better.

Sure, it’s massive and the price of the Pro is up there with other premium flagships, but it’s just a joy to use. Only offering 2 years of software support is a real blow though and Asus really should do better.

ROG Phone 6 Pro

4.5 stars – Pocket-lint recommended


  • Huge power
  • Unrivalled sound
  • Bespoke accessories
  • 65W charger in the box
  • Great display


  • Only IPX4 rated
  • Only 2-years security updates
  • It’s massive
  • Cheaper ROG Phone 6 might be more attractive

Design and build

  • 173 x 77 x 10.4mm, 239g
  • Storm White, IPX4
  • Stereo speakers

Big, bold, design. That’s what the ROG Phone 6 Pro is all about. It comes in Storm White, setting it apart from the slightly lower-spec ROG Phone 6, which comes in Phantom Black.

The body of the phone is littered with details enhancing that sense of technical geekery that some will love and some will hate. It’s a far cry from the subtle hues of something like the iPhone 14 Pro, boosted here with the rear ROG Vision display.




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