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Secretlab recently launched a few new accessories for its Magnus Metal Desk. Specifically, the gaming chair brand recently added new MAGRGB Diffused LED Strips, an L-Shaped Desk Extension, and a new Black variant MAGPAD.

Starting with the MAGRGB, as its name has undoubtedly suggested, are basically LED strips that attach to the desk…well, magnetically. Of course, what makes these strips unique to the product is that they are designed in collaboration with Nanoleaf, contain 123 addressable LEDs, and support up to 16 million colours. All of which are programmable and controllable with a press of a button, naturally.

For current Magnus Metal Desk owners, the new L-Shaped Desk Extension allows you to extend the diskspace by up to an additional 1.5m, making it ideal for desk owners that wish to maximise their work space in their room, but in a minimalist sort of way. Like the original Magnus, the extension is also made from the same metal chassis and has a maximum load of 100kg.


The Magnus Metal Desk first launched back in April 2021, and marks the first product besides the brand’s usual fare of gaming chairs. Featuring a clean and simple design, the Magnus is designed for a variety of applications, chief among them being gaming. It’s made from an ultra-durable metal chassis, capable of supporting up to 100kg, while another feature of the desk is the brand’s MAGPAD; a magnetic Leatherette Desk Mat that anchors securely to the base of the desk through the use of magnets.

Price-wise, the L-Shaped Desk Extension retails for SG$469 (~RM1478), while the MAGRGB LED Strips are priced at SG$99 (~RM312). At the time of writing, Secretlab has not said if or when these accessories will be available in Malaysia.



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