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Secretlab has a storewide sale on its gaming chairs this week. The sale runs until March 15, 2022 and includes discounts of up to $130 on the best gaming chairs from Secretlab. You can save on Secretlab’s Titan Evo 2022 series and 2020 series in a range of colors and materials. Special editions of the Titan Evo chairs are also on sale, including the Cyberpunk 2077 chair and the Dark Knight model.

Secretlab also has sales on its Magnus Metal Desk and a range of accessories and collectibles. Discounts vary quite a bit depending on the device, material, and model you choose. For example, you can save $130 on a 2020 Series NAPA model gaming chair, while leather and softweave models in that lineup are only up to $40 off. Discounts on 2022 gaming chairs from Secretlab max out at $30.

Save on Secretlab

Secretlab holds a spot on our list of the best gaming chairs and regularly earns positive reviews. Our managing editor Dan Thorp-Lancaster said, “the 2020 Series takes what makes Secretlab chairs great and cranks the dial closer to perfection.” The company has since rolled out an even further refined 2022 series, though the older 2020 chars are still available. Secretlab’s chairs are known for their durability, flexibility, and ease of construction.

The biggest drawback of Secretlab’s lineup is the price of the chairs. They’re in the premium range of gaming chairs, so you can expect higher starting prices, even when on sale.

Sadly, the Secretlab Titan XXS gaming chair for dogs and smaller people is not on sale.

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