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M&M fans now have a tasty new game to go along with their crunchy treat after Tilting Point made M&M’s Adventure available for download.

A free download from the App Store, M&M’s Adventure is a puzzle game that will have gamers playing with their favorite M&M characters as they play matching puzzles. The game itself is free but with in-app purchases available — and it’s just as colorful as you might expect.

Check out the game’s launch trailer to get an idea of what you can expect from M&M’s Adventure.

Play with your favorite M&M’S characters in the first and only M&M’S mobile game: Explore the M&M’S universe and enjoy the adventure with your favorite M&M’S characters! Participate in time-limited events, and collect and unlock unique M&M’S accessories in these casual matching puzzles. The fun world of M&M’S has thousands of adventures waiting to be played!

Dubbed a “casual game” by its App Store description, M&M’s Adventure will see players enjoy new seasonal events as the year progresses. We’re told that you can look forward to more puzzles and levels being added each month, with new game modes and real-time events also on the cards. As PocketGamer points out, more than 1,000 levels are available already.

If a spot of candy-based color matching is something that strikes you as a good time, download M&M’s Adventure from the App Store now. You can play on iPhone and iPad with in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 through to $24.99.

Unfortunately, this game doesn’t support game controllers, but many in the App Store do. Be sure to check out our collection of the best iPhone game controllers if you want to level up your mobile gaming experience!

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