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Earlier this year Sony Electronics revealed their new family of gaming hardware aimed at PC and Playstation 5 gamers.

These new gaming accessories have been designed with professional gamers in mind and look to dramatically enrich the gaming experience.

Inzone’s flagship peripherals come in the form of two gaming monitors and three headsets.

Sony is among the market leaders within the audio tech space, so there was a lot of excitement when they announced INZONE’s H series.

Inzone’s H series comes in three different models, the H3, H7, and H9 and they all have differences that fall in line with their pricing.

For this review, we will take a look at the higher-tier model, the H9 which is priced at

The Sony Inzone H9 looks like it was designed solely to match the Playstation 5’s aesthetics with its slick white and black colour scheme.

Inzone also includes three headsets, the H9,H7 and H3

The H9 features large white oval ear cups made from hard plastic, while the ear pads are designed from soft leather.

The ear cup’s matte white finish ensures the H9 will be less likely to quickly suffer scratches or scuffs compared to a glossy finish. Meanwhile, the top of the ear cups is home to LED lights that use a breathing pattern to show the status of the H9.

They are much bigger than your average headset but still felt comfortable over long periods of usage.

The ear pads, similar to what Sony used in the XM5 headset, were always convenient and fitted snugly without placing any pressure on my ears during my time with them.

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They also provided ample sound isolation, boosting the effectiveness of the ANC. However, the H9 ear pads aren’t interchangeable like on Sony’s other headset, which is a little frustrating given the price.

The ear cups are connected by a soft headband that provides the right amount of clamping force keeping the H9 secure on my head at all times.

The ear cup’s swivel connectors grant them flexibility with the ability to be angled for the right fit. The H9’s come with a boom mic that can be adjusted closer and further from the user’s mouth.

They come at different price points which dictate their designs features



It will go into a muted state when flipped away from your mouth and vice versa. The main issue with the mic is that it’s not detachable, making the headset slightly less desirable to be used in an outside setting.

Some gamers might argue that a mute button is needed, however, the boom mic firmly stays in its muted position once placed there.

Each of the ear cups is home to different control buttons that are neatly situated at the bottom.

On the right ear cups, you will find the power, Bluetooth, and a special button that lets players switch between game and chat mode.

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On the left is a USB port, an ambient noise button, and a protruding wheel to control …….



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