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A new RPG from Wyvern Gaming and Modiphius is here to fulfill your puddle jumping dreams. Stargate SG1, the roleplaying game will be shipping in July but is now available for pre-order from Modiphius Entertainment. The new RPG sees the players take on the role of new SGC recruits tasked with defending the galaxy from the Goa’uld System Lords and other assorted threats.

Based on D&D 5th edition, it should be pretty easy to pick up if you’re familiar with that system and if not, the 368 page rulebook has everything you need to learn. New encounter types have been added specifically to fit the Stargate universe; Convince, Research & Development, Aerial Combat, Pursuit, Firefight, and others. It also states that there’s a focus on the “non-combat nature of Stargate” which will be of particular interest to you Daniel Jackson types.

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While Stargate SG-1 has been off the air since 2007, the fandom is just as strong as ever. With Joe Mallozi trying to get a new show off the ground, there’s a lot of potential for additional expansions to be added in the future, even beyond possible SGA or SGU campaigns. After reaching out to the dev team, I have a little bit more information in addition to everything detailed in the press release.

The core rulebook takes place during SG-1 and continues up to the introduction of Atlantis. Stargate: Atlantis will be added in a future expansion which is currently in development.

I also asked about the “non-combat” aspect mentioned in the press release and they gave some additional details about how those function:

In short, for social encounters we have added social initiative and encounters like the Convince, Diplomatic Function, and Interrogation encounters. As for more combat encounters we have added the Pursuit, Traversal, Aerial combat, and Firefight encounters. We have also added the Research and Development encounter for those crafty players that want to think outside the box. With all the tools we have given the players and GMs the abilities to handle an encounter are limitless.

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Defend the Galaxy in the Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying Game from Wyvern Gaming and Modiphius

Journey through the Stargate to worlds known and unknown and defend the Milky Way Galaxy from the dreaded Goa’uld System Lords and other threats!

Today, Wyvern Gaming and Modiphius Entertainment are pleased to announce that the Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying Game is now available for pre-order. The full color, hardcover Core Rulebook contains everything Stargate and science fiction fans will need to be eligible for recruitment by Stargate Command and train to become full members of the SG teams.

As a new member of the Stargate Phoenix Site, a secret off-world Stargate program, players will embark on missions guided by a Gatemaster to explore new worlds and cultures, obtain new technologies, and fight to preserve freedom across the Milky Way Galaxy. Gatemasters can craft their own season of Stargate using the new Campaign System that guides them through creating a campaign as if it were a TV series. And for …….



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