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If you’ve ever looked into becoming a Twitch streamer, you’ll know that finding the right accessories isn’t always easy. Not only do the best microphones and webcams come at a premium price point, but pairing your choices with the right tripods, mic arms, and lighting requires careful research. While well-known brands like Logitech, Elgato, and Razer make exceptional products, few companies provide an all-in-one solution that includes everything you need to stream online. Enter Streamplify – an affordable new range of gaming PC gear that aims to kit out budding content creators with a complete streaming setup.

Developed by Pro Gamers Group, the same company responsible for brands like Noblechairs, Streamplify provides both tools and knowledge to aspiring creators and streamers. At a glance, the range appears to be an array of budget accessories that cost significantly less than branded alternatives. This is certainly the case, but each product goes beyond cheap and cheerful by packing respectable specs and additional extras that will save you heading to Google in a panic.

Streamplify kindly let me try out its complete bundle, which includes an RGB microphone, 1080p webcam, two ring lights, and a green screen. It’s worth noting that while I’ve dabbled with streaming Steam games in the past, I actually felt empowered to get back into Twitch content creation. In fact, even though I’m certainly not going to be the next Pokemaine, both the range’s accessories and easy setup helped me feel more confident and effectively re-opened the door to a previously shelved hobby.

The entire Streamplify brand takes a straight-talking approach to accessories, with products hammering home simplicity with names like ‘CAM’ and ‘MIC’. Yet, each package actually features much more than a single peripheral, with various bits and bobs to help keep you on the beating path of your setup journey.

For example, there are actually two versions of the RGB microphone, one comes with a desktop tripod and the other a mic arm. Just like other options out there, both ring lights come with their own stand, but there’s a notable difference in adjustability and quality. Not only does this help anyone building a setup from scratch save a few pennies, but it’ll means you probably won’t need to go hunting for a mounting solution with additional functionality.

As for actually putting everything together, Streamplify also has you covered, as each box features an ‘assistant’ QR code. This handy little square wisps you off to a comprehensive collection of information about your chosen product, including tutorial videos. Ultimately, this makes it feel like Streamplify has your back and cares about you successfully crafting a perfect setup.

That’s not to say the bigger brands don’t care about your success too, but helpfulness seems to be baked into Streamplify’s design language. Sometimes it’s subtle things, like the fact the Streamplify Cam has a built-in privacy shutter that physically switches off its mic. However, there are other touches that exemplify that aforementioned commitment to accommodation, like including an all-in-one shock mount and pop-filter with the RGB mic.

Helpful tutorials and inclusions aside, it all goes for nothing if the product they’re attached to isn’t up to par. Thankfully, Streamplify’s range of stuff boasts exceptional build quality and surprisingly great specs, especially when you consider its price point. To put things in perspective, the Streamplify Cam can …….



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