Swarmio Media Debuts ‘Swarmio Store’ Solution as Key New Component of Full Service Ecosystem for Telecom Operators & Game Publishers – Yahoo Finance

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VANCOUVER, BC, Jan. 12, 2022 /CNW/ – Swarmio Media Holdings Inc. (CSE: SWRM) (‘Swarmio’ or ‘the Company’), a vertically integrated, end-to-end gaming and esports platform that helps telcos and game publishers engage and monetize the gaming industry, announced today that it has begun the deployment of its proprietary integrated ecommerce solution, Swarmio Store, a key component of the Company’s full service ecosystem for telecom operators and game publishers.

Swarmio Media Debuts ‘Swarmio Store’ Solution as Key New Component of Full Service Ecosystem for Telecom Operators & Game Publishers (CNW Group/Swarmio Media Holdings Inc.)

“This is a very exciting new development for Swarmio,” said Vijai Karthigesu, CEO of Swamio Media. “The Swarmio Store allows telecom operators to build stronger ties with their subscribers, and enables them to meaningfully participate in the gaming industry and take a share of the $200B in revenue it is generating annually. Additionally, because Swarmio earns a small percentage from each transaction that takes place via the Swarmio Store, it is also a key part of our revenue model.”

Integrated within Swarmio’s Hive platform (a turnkey gaming and esports platform for telecom operators), Swarmio Store is an online ecommerce store providing gamers with a one-stop shop for in-game upgrades and accessories, as well as product merchandise from all major AAA game titles. These include, but are not limited to: experience boosters, cosmetic items, and skins that allow gamers to customize, personalize and accelerate their progress in their chosen games. Items within the Store can be purchased using Swarmio Hive points, which can be purchased by users via various payment methods and/or earned by completing tournaments and challenges. Additionally, within telco partnerships, subscribers can be rewarded with Swarmio Hive points as part of their subscription.

According to Statista, in-game consumer spending accounts for the biggest share of the video gaming market. In 2020, global gaming audiences spent approximately US $54 billion on additional in-game content, with in-game purchases accounting for approximately 74% of revenue earned across all gaming platforms. In 2025, the market value of in-game purchases is projected to surpass US$74.4 billion.

Swarmio takes a percentage of revenue on each purchase made in the Swarmio Store with the remainder being distributed to game publishers and developers with ownership of purchased in-game items.

Swarmio Store will be launched with Sri Lanka Telecom in January 2022 and is expected to be rolled out over time to all of Swarmio’s existing and future customers.

About Swarmio Media
Swarmio is a technology company that is focused on providing an end-to-end gaming and esports platform for telcos to monetize their subscribers. Using its patented edge computing technology, Swarmio has engaged with several telcos that have launched its solution allowing their subscribers to access tournaments, engage in a localized gaming community, challenge friends and influencers and earn points that can be used to purchase gaming content.

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Swarmio Investor Website (https://swarmio.media/investors)
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Swarmio on Twitter (https://twitter.com/SwarmioMedia)

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