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The gaming industry has produced a plethora of unnecessary gaming accouterments, all of which compete for your interest. They originate for the same purpose that any product does: someone had a vision and tried to make money off of it. In many circumstances, the computer game accessory ideas may be among the worst ever offered. Despite the fact that meaningless gaming accessories are a relic of the past, the latest video gaming consoles nonetheless contain a fair amount of them.

Chainsaw Controller -Resident Evil 4

Should you ever need to be reminded that the gaming industry is largely geared toward teenagers, go no farther than this real stinker of a gaudy PlayStation 2 peripheral. The Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller is gaudy, costly, and, most importantly, less comfortable to use than a conventional PlayStation 2 controller.

ASG Video Jukebox

The Video Jukebox was created by ASG for Genesis users who are either too lazy to manually input and retrieve one of their six favorite Genesis games each time they wanted to switch games. Nevertheless, you would spend $50 for a gadget that allowed you to choose from six games by merely pressing a button. This concept appears to have been so awful that it never made it to the marketplace.

Steel Battalion controller

This huge peripheral was created for the initial Xbox game Steel Battalion, wherein the user was entrusted with operating a massive chassis with an ultimate control panel fitted with over 40 keys. And, if you could afford to purchase the game and console, which were combined together for a hefty £200, it was a one-of-a-kind and dramatic experience.

Nintendo Super Scope

Where do we even begin with this huge, pricey, and simply absurd light gun? Aside from burning 6 of your Batteries – and doing it fairly frequently – causing shoulder soreness for days after using it, and offering a variety of games that included nothing beyond shooting rodents, Nintendo’s wireless Super Scope was a colossal flop.

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