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So you just snagged an Oculus Quest 2. Maybe you’re ready to finally try virtual reality, are really excited about the metaverse or just got tired of trying to buy a PS5. Either way, you now own one of the best and easiest-to-use VR headsets available — but there are still a few tricks to keep in mind in order to get the absolute most out of your new gadget.

From getting social and tracking your workouts to turning your headset into a full-on gaming machine, here are 15 tips every Oculus Quest 2 owner should know.


Before you get started, note that you currently still need a Facebook account to use an Oculus Quest 2 (though this requirement will eventually be phased out). If you’re cool with that, the Quest 2 makes it pretty easy to add friends from both your Facebook contacts as well as any Oculus enthusiasts you meet in-game.

The quickest way to add friends is to open the Oculus mobile app, select the Social tab and hit the blue “add” button on the bottom right of the screen, which will let you search for your pals via username. You can also open the People tab from the home screen of your Quest 2, where you’ll see your online friends as well as friend requests and suggestions based on your Facebook account and play history.


If you want a fun way to express yourself to your Oculus friends, you can create an avatar. To do this, simply click on your profile icon at the bottom of the home screen and select “Create Avatar.” From here, you’ll have a variety of appearance and style options to play with, making it easy to ensure that you look your virtual best when your VR pals stumble across your profile. Your avatar will even show up in compatible games like PokerStars VR and Topgolf with Pro Putt, giving you a consistent virtual identity you can take across titles.

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Just like your phone or PC, the Quest 2 makes it easy to quickly change settings on the fly. To access the Quick Settings menu, press the Oculus button on your right Touch Controller and click on the area on the home bar that features the time and battery percentage. From here, you can easily do things like adjust brightness and volume, change Wi-Fi networks, mute your microphone and enable Oculus Air Link for connecting to a PC. And if you need to dig deeper, you can click the Settings icon at the top right to access things like home screen personalization and controller options.

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