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It doesn’t matter how often you game or which consoles you have, your gear can make or break your experience. Whereas a cheap headset or a low-quality monitor typically lead to headaches (figuratively and literally), the best gaming accessories keep you comfortable, well-equipped, and playing at peak precision. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty broad category and the market is loaded with lesser options, so it’s easy to miss the accessories that’ll truly upgrade the way you play video games.

The best way to narrow them down? Reviewer feedback. The gaming community is always vocal about a product’s shortcomings — but on the flip side of things, they’re also the first ones to leave a comment when a headset, keyboard, controller, or gaming chair has changed their life. These 20 accessories are compatible with all different consoles. Some of them are gaming basics and others are extras that’ll bring your setup to the next level, but they all have one thing in common: They have hundreds (if not thousands) of five-star reviews from gamers who say these accessories are the best of the best.

Whether you game on PC, Xbox, PS4, or anything else, these are the accessories that will transform your gaming experience.

1. This headset hanger/USB charger

Keep your headset safe, your devices charged, and your desk clear. This brilliant headset hanger attaches to the underside of your desk using 3M adhesive tape or a screw; it then offers two hooks and three USB ports for quick, convenient charging. It even comes with bonus wire management clips so the power cables stay out of sight.

2. A colorful LED strip that syncs to your game

Install these color-changing LED strips behind your TV or your monitor for a way more immersive experience. They’re USB-powered, easy to mount using the included adhesive and clips, and have a listening mode that syncs the lights up with the sound effects from your games. “Added a lot of aesthetic to my gaming setup. Super easy to install and lots of light modes to choose from,” wrote one reviewer who called it a “cheap easy mod to add to any setup.”

3. This cheap charging dock for PS4 controllers

“So much better than a cable,” one reviewer wrote. “Controllers charge fast and it’s a good organizer,” another remarked. The BEBONCOOL PS4 controller charger is so popular, it’s a best-seller with more than 37,000 reviews and a 4.7-star overall rating. It charges two controllers simultaneously and is compatible with the original PS4 controller, the Slim, and the Pro.

4. The most popular gaming mouse

With more than 19,000 reviews and a pretty affordable price tag, it’s hard to ignore the Logitech Hero gaming mouse. Gamers love it because it has 11 customizable buttons, programmable RGB lighting, and weights you can add or remove to personalize your resistance. Thanks to the unique mechanical tensioning system, clicks are crisp, clean, and rapid.

5. A gadget that turns your phone into a controller

Turn your phone into a portable gaming device with the Razer Kishi controller. It adds a D-pad and dual clickable thumbstick for precise, lag-free gameplay on most mobile devices and tablets. In addition to being cloud-gaming compatible, it also collapses for easy storage and feels especially comfortable in-hand. (This one is compatible with Android, but the brand also makes one for iPhones.)

6. The best mousepad for any kind of mouse

Whether you have an optical …….



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