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When it comes to gaming, the only thing worse than losing a Boss Battle is your controller dying on you mid-game. But with these fantastic portable charging accessories, you can keep your Nintendo Switch charged wherever you go.

There’s a pretty decent selection of accessories that’ll give you some extra battery life on the go. A few of these options are clip-on batteries that attach to the back of your Switch without disrupting it, while others are some version of a traditional battery pack you can use both while gaming or in between sessions. Either way, you’ll be thankful you picked one of these up the next time you’re gaming with friends and your battery gets low!

What to Look for in Switch Charging Accessories

Although these helpful charging accessories are all slightly different, they share one common goal: to give your Nintendo Switch (or Switch Lite) more battery life. Despite their designs being unique, there are still a few selling points to keep in mind while you shop:

  • High Battery Capacity: Does the charger offer a good amount of extra battery life? If not, it’s probably not worth your attention. The best Nintendo Switch chargers offer at least 5,000mAh of power, if not 10,000mAh. That’s enough to keep you gaming for another few hours (or at least until you can get home and put your Switch in the dock.
  • Easy to Use: Is the dang thing easy to connect to your Switch? It should be! Ideally, these charging devices should be intuitive and come with everything needed to connect them to your console and get it charging.
  • Smart Design: Does the accessory cover up any part of your screen? Does it make holding the console awkward or uncomfortable? Does it block the speakers, headphone jack, charging ports, or heat vents? It shouldn’t. Charging accessories should not impact your gaming other than ensuring you can game for a few extra hours.
  • Low Cost: You already paid a fortune for your Switch and all of your games; why should you pay another large sum just for a little extra battery power? Good accessories are affordable accessories; make sure you aren’t paying half of what your Switch costs for them.

Best Grip Charger Shell: YOBWIN Battery Charger Case


This slim battery charger case from YOBWIN is a solid pick for the standard Nintendo Switch. It’s composed of three parts: the first attaches to the back and bottom of your Switch, while the other two attach to each Joy-Con. The charger has a fantastic 10,000mAh battery capacity, extending your gaming session for up to 8 more hours. It also sports a precision cutout, ensuring no vents are blocked.

You can recharge the case via either USB-C or micro-USB, and it even doubles as a battery bank for other devices like a smartphone or wireless earbuds. The case has a foldable bracket, allowing you to prop up your Switch at one of three adjustable angles, and a game card slot where you can store an extra physical game cartridge. It also makes the Joy-Cons a little comfier to grip.

Best Grip Charger Shell

YOBWIN Battery Charger Case

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