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The new Switch OLED is out, and it’s a real beaut. It has a larger 7-inch screen, longer battery life and a few other welcome design improvements to its handheld gaming mode. I was impressed when I reviewed it back in October, and it’s been flying off store shelves since its release. It’s so hard to get one right now, in fact, that you may have to go to eBay to snag one before the holidays. But if you do have one — congrats! Now you probably want to make the most of your new system, and there are a few accessories that will go a long way toward making the Switch OLED a truly stellar console.

SanDisk microSD card


With only 64GB of on-board storage, you’re going to want to get a microSD for your Switch OLED to store downloaded games, save files and screenshots. And with the redesigned slot it’s easier than ever to put it in or take it out of the system, too. You can use pretty much any microSD card with your Nintendo Switch, but the Nintendo-branded ones from SanDisk are solid, and you can get a 256GB model at a pretty affordable rate right now. They’ve been specifically tested with the system so you know they’ll work seamlessly.

Buy SanDisk microSD card (256GB) at Amazon – $53

8Bitdo Pro 2

Mat Smith, Engadget

With the improved stand on the back of the OLED Switch it’s now a lot easier to play in tabletop mode. But you’re still dealing with the same old Joy-Cons, which might be a bit too small for players with larger hands. In that case you’ll want to upgrade to a more pro-level gamepad. And yes, there is Nintendo’s Pro Controller, which is still the best choice for your Switch overall if you can get one, but 8Bitdo’s Pro 2 is also great, not to mention incredibly flexible; you can use it with your Android device, as well as a PC or Mac desktop. And it’s $20 cheaper than the Nintendo-made option.

Buy 8Bitdo Pro 2 controller at Amazon – $50

8Bitdo Lite


While the official Pro Controller and the Pro 2 are nicely full-featured gamepads, one thing they aren’t is small. That makes a big difference on the go when you don’t have a lot of space in your bag but need something just a bit bigger than the Joy-Cons to play with. In that case I recommend the 8Bitdo Lite, which offers up two d-pads and an extra set of directional buttons, perfect for 2D gaming. It’s color-coded to match the Switch Lite, but that doesn’t mean it’s not also a solid companion for your Switch OLED.

Buy 8Bitdo Lite at Amazon – $26

PowerA Enhanced Nano controller


When you need a Pro-style controller but don’t have space for a Pro-style controller, PowerA has you covered with its Enhanced Nano gamepad. It looks a lot like the official Switch Pro controller thanks to its grips, shoulder buttons and matte black coloring, …….



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