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Bring gaming on your iPhone or Apple TV closer to the console experience, by using one of these game controllers with your Apple devices.

For quite a few years, there has been a belief amongst gamers that Apple’s ecosystem isn’t meant for “real” gaming. The meme would say that Apple’s products can’t really do the high-end graphics you would expect from a console or a PC built for gaming.

Certainly, there is a grain of truth in there, with the vast bulk of Apple-related gaming being more casual-friendly and mobile-focused than other platforms. However, it’s not the whole story.

Titles such as Genshin Impact, Call of Duty: Mobile, and PUBG Mobile all prove it’s possible to get a great gaming experience on a device you can fit into your pocket.

That’s before you consider games that work across other platforms, including the Apple TV and the Mac. Or even game-streaming services that gives you a full-fat graphical experience for games that aren’t made for Apple’s platforms.

Apple’s promotion of gaming on its ecosystem via Apple Arcade has also helped other non-mobile game types become more available to users, opening up the prospect of it being more of a serious gaming platform.

There is still one element that is missing, and that is dedicated game controllers. Gamers who may be more used to console gaming probably would feel more at home playing similar games on mobile if they had a controller in their hand instead of tapping or swiping a screen all the time.

Getting a controller could improve your overall gaming experience. It’s also not as bewildering as you may think.

Taking control

Getting a controller for a platform is relatively straightforward, as it’s usually quite easy to tell whether a product will be compatible or not. The easiest way to do this is to go for first-party accessories, but that’s not possible in this case.

While Apple has seemingly looked into the concept, with patents and rumors surfacing around the concept it hasn’t yet created its own peripheral dedicated to gaming. Unlike an Xbox or PlayStation, you can’t search for an Apple-manufactured game controller at this time.

Even so, there are still quite a few options out there for gamers to buy right now and use with their iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV. You do have to be careful, though.

For a start, Apple itself has made it possible to use first-party game controllers for major modern consoles with its ecosystem. If you have a game console, there’s a good chance that it will be compatible, with the controllers generally pairing over Bluetooth.

The second is that MFi accessories are a good general bet to work with Apple’s hardware but not everything. Made For iPhone hardware will work with an iPhone or iPad most of the time, but they will also primarily focus on working with just the mobile hardware Apple produces.

For example, an MFi controller made to fit an iPhone may need to receive power from the iPhone to work, since it may not have a built-in battery.

Check the MFi controller works beyond the iPhone and iPad if you intend to turn your Apple TV into …….



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