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The perfect headsets, controllers and more, on sale at Amazon.

Were you one of the lucky people who discovered a shiny new video game console under the tree? Or maybe you received some gift cards that you’ve earmarked to help supplement the system you already own. In any case, we’re for anybody and everybody who’s on the hunt for gaming accessories, with smart picks from Amazon — all on sale —that will make your play experience so much better.

While you’ll always get free shipping on items with orders over $25 at Amazon, sometimes you just don’t want to wait, especially with recent supply-chain issues. Why not speed things up with an Amazon Prime account, which offers free two-day shipping, along with great members-only sales and award-winning streaming content? It’s only $13 a month or $119 a year — and your first 30 days are free when you sign up here.

One important Switch accessory that often gets forgotten is a microSD card, which you’ll need to store all the games you download — the internal memory fills up fast. SanDisk is one of the leading computer storage companies; its products are can’t-miss. It offers microSD cards specifically made for your Switch so you know they’ll be compatible. If you’re buying most of your games as physical copies a 128 GB card will do nicely and it’s on sale for only $21 right now. If you need more storage because you love getting Nintendo eShop exclusives, then we recommend upgrading to the $42 256 GB card.

According to shoppers, this microSD card is just as good, if not better than the non-branded ones: “The main difference [between] this and a cheaper SanDisk Ultra, is this card is a U3 and the Ultra is U1. The U3 allows for faster installs and may save a few seconds on load times….” For this shopper the choice was clear: “After I heard that there were some products that caused the switch to malfunction or even burn out the SD port, I took tedious care in selecting the best product for what I needed. This SD card came in clutch, it’s got a Nintendo switch logo, is fully endorsed, and was a lot cheaper than [the] name brand…. My switch is functioning like a dream. If you already made an investment in a switch, go the extra mile and purchase the extra memory for it; you’re going to need it.”

$21 $35 at Amazon

The Nintendo Switch is a system meant to be taken on-the-go, but the Pro Controller — not so much. With PowerA’s Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller you can enjoy all the benefits of having a fancy gamepad like a directional pad and comfortable palm grips, but at two thirds the size, so it fits easily in your bag. This product just came out earlier this year but it’s already available for at a discount, down from $55 to only $43.

One player with small (but not tiny) hands found it plenty comfortable, saying that “though it’s light, and plastic, it doesn’t feel very cheap at all. The buttons feels nice, very clicky. Great fit. Material feels nice and it looks great. It also does have remote wake. I use it wirelessly, and feel …….



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