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Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

Buying a new console or a few new games is a great way to pass the time while social distancing drags on. The tough part is deciding which machine to choose. Each has its perks, faults, and a list of exclusive games to pick from. Price is a factor too, so we’ve scoured the web for some of the best gaming deals available right now.

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There aren’t too many savings to be had on consoles right now and many are out of stock. However, it’s a good time to give PC gaming a shot or look into some accessories for the console you already have. Our list is broken down by system so you’ll be able to quickly match the games and systems.

Best gaming deals

Editor’s note: We will update our list of the best  gaming deals as we find new options and the prices come back down.

Best PC gaming deals

PC gaming is appealing because it’s much easier to upgrade and improve your laptop than it is to try to change the parts in a console. Some games even offer cross-platform functionality, so you can play with friends who are sticking with console gaming.

Gaming laptops

When you decide to give PC gaming a shot, the first choice you have to make is whether you want a laptop or a desktop. It’s currently significantly easier to find a reasonably-priced laptop than to build a desktop, so we’re going to stick with them for this list.

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Gaming laptops of some kind can be found at all price ranges, but if you’re planning on running the latest and greatest games smoothly, you’ll probably be looking towards the $1,000 mark. Acer’s Nitro 5 is a great example, as it stays below the $1,000 threshold, yet it still delivers in gaming-ready specs. Gaming deals usually include a lot of gaming laptops, as they’re often great gifts.

If you have the budget, you can easily spend up to $2,000 on a high-end gaming laptop. However, we’re trying to stick to more affordable options in this list. You can check out more of our gaming laptop deals right here, but here are some of the best picks:

Acer Predator Triton for $1,545 ($255 off) — i7-10750H, RTX 2070, 16GB RAM, 300Hz display
Lenovo IdeaPad L340 for $767 ($273 off) — i5-9300F, GTX 1650, 8GB of RAM, 60Hz display
HP Pavilion for $762 ($118 off) — i5-9300H, GTX 1650, 8GB RAM, 60Hz display
Razer Blade Stealth 13 Ultrabook for $1,299.99 ($500 off) — i7-1165G7, GTX 1650, 16GB RAM, 120Hz display

PC accessories

A great set of accessories is nearly as important as your computer itself when it comes to gaming. Some people feel more comfortable with a controller than a keyboard and mouse, so why not pick a controller with a familiar feel? The Xbox 360 wired controller plugs into a standard USB connection with an extensive 7.2-foot cable. It easily supports games running on Windows 8, 10, and of course, Windows 11, to match your setup.

Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse for $49.99 ($20 off) — Enhanced with HERO which is Logitech’s most advanced gaming sensor.
SteelSeries Arctis 5 Gaming Headset for $54.99 ($45 off) — Combines …….



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