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Gaming desks are no mere marketing gimmick. In fact, the best gaming desks aren’t just great for gamers, but can be excellent all-round desks for any kind of activity as well. Headset hooks, drink holders, a wide surface for big screen monitors, and even deskpad mouse mats that cover the entire surface are all useful extras gamers benefit from—all while enjoying a sturdy and attractive desk from which you can stand your ground and vanquish your in-game challengers.

The Secretlab Magnus is an attractive, versatile gaming desk with RGB lighting and a handy magnetic … [+] accessory feature.


Some desks are adjustable, too, so you can switch between seated and standing gaming to help maintain good posture. There’s even a desk with space for you to build a computer inside it—Lian Li’s DK-04F is something quite special.

To assemble this list, we relied on our first-hand experience with some of the world’s top desks and conducted in-depth research of any we haven’t personally spent time with. The end result is an impressive list of the best desks for gaming, for all sorts of needs and budgets.

Best Gaming Desk Overall

A Strong Desk With Clever Magnetic Accessories

Size (L x W): 59.1 x 27.6-inch | Height: 29 – 29.8-inch | Material: Steel | Weight limit: 220 pounds

Best for: Multi-monitor gaming.

The SecretLab Magnus metal gaming desk is a sturdy and expansive desk with all the space you need for multiple monitors, as well as a gaming desktop PC or even a laptop as well. It has a robust build quality and with its handy magnetic accessory rail around the edge, you can easily add extras from SecretLab like cup holders, cable management, RGB lighting and more. At 117 pounds of machined steel, this is a relatively heavy desk and not easy to put together by yourself. But once constructed, you get an extremely sturdy surface, and with its 220-pound weight limit, you needn’t fear it collapsing under the weight of an expansive gaming setup.

The desk has some partial height adjustments to accommodate different user heights, but these adjustments are not simple as on a standing desk (which has one button and it moves itself). To adjust the height, you’d have to remove everything from the desk to make the height adjustments at the feet. It’s a nice feature to have, but it’s not a standout feature for this gaming desk. What does stand out is this desk’s trim profile, light-enhanced accents for a touch of personality and excellent cable management system with space for all your wiring. The Secretlab Magnus looks smart and professional, whether you’re a competitive gamer, a hobbyist or a work professional wanting to enjoy gaming in your leisure time.


  • Sturdy construction with a high weight limit
  • Large desk surface has plenty of space for multiple monitors
  • Wide range of magnetically-attachable accessories


  • Takes two people to assemble
  • Only minor, awkward to implement height adjustments

Best Standing Desk For Gaming

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