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If you’re a PC gamer of any kind, you know the value of a decent mouse. The best gaming mice on the market come with lots of clever features to give you precise control and rapid responses during even the most intense gameplay. Look for high USB report rates for quick responses between clicks and on-screen action, and good DPI (dots per inch) and IPS (inches per second) settings to give you perfect precision.

These days, some of the best gaming mice are wireless, but it’s worth considering wired options for lower latency, so you can be sure your mouse can keep up. The mouse’s size, weight and ergonomics are also important, and you may want to look out for designs with RGB to light up your gaming area.

If you’re ready to upgrade your station, keep scrolling to find the best gaming mice you can buy right now.

The best gaming mice to buy in 2022

Logitech G502 HERO

Known for its large selection of high-quality computer equipment, Logitech has become one of the brand leaders when it comes to gaming mice. The G502 HERO is an Amazon best seller – and for good reason.

As the name implies, this mouse uses Logitech’s most accurate sensor, the HERO 25K. Plus, it’s super-fast, with the ability to move at over 400 IPS, thanks to the adjustable 100-25,600 DPI.

The adjustable weighting system sets the HERO apart from the rest. Add up to five 3.6g weights in different locations around the mouse until you’ve found the perfect distribution.

You’ll also get 11 fully programmable buttons and rubberised grips on the side.

Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse

Another popular option from Logitech, the G Pro X Superlight has plenty of clever features. Like the G502 HERO, it has an adjustable DPI of 100-25,600 and a top speed of 400 IPS. The USB report rate is 1 millisecond, so you’ll be able to enjoy high-intensity games without any annoying delay.

At just 63g, the G Pro X Superlight is almost 25% lighter than Logitech’s regular G Pro wireless mouse, making quick and nimble manoeuvres easy.

Plus, this mouse is completely carbon neutral, thanks to the manufacturer’s focus on renewable energy and carbon offsetting.

SteelSeries Aerox 5 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Recognisable for its eye-catching honeycomb grill, the SteelSeries Aerox 5 is a stylish option – perfect for dedicated gaming dens. The RRP is around £130, so it’s one for the hardcore gamers among us.

While you might think the honeycomb shell is included just for aesthetic reasons, it actually reduces the mouse’s weight by 20g, making it easier to achieve rapid adjustments on the fly. The maximum 18,000 DPI setting, 400 IPS and ultra-fast data transmission also help to reduce latency for a seamless gaming experience.

Nine programmable buttons, including five quick-action side keys and an up/down flick switch allow for accurate and precise responses.

As for the battery, you’ll get up to 180 hours of gameplay, and charging for just 15 minutes gives you 40 hours of power. Alternatively, you can use the detachable USB-C Super Mesh Cable.

Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed

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