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A comfortable, fast, reliable, customizable gaming mouse is an important part of any gamer’s setup, and the best gaming mouse also needs to be versatile enough to tackle any task. On our quest to find the best, we spent several months with 14 leading gaming mice playing fast-paced rounds of Call of Duty, scrolling through endless Excel spreadsheets and clicking through annoying Captchas as we tried to buy a Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti graphics card, giving them the mice the same workout we gave gaming keyboards.

In the end, we found one great gaming mouse that stood above the rest, thanks to its affordable price, versatile connectivity options and wide range of features and software customization.

Best gaming mouse overall

The Corsair Dark Core RGB does it all. It’s a gaming mouse that offers wired and wireless connectivity, a comfortable and adjustable grip and eight programmable buttons.

$79.99 at Corsair or $79.99 $67.99 at Best Buy

After thousands of clicks, swipes and scrolls, the Corsair Dark Core RGB was a clear winner in our testing. The Corsair is a versatile gaming mouse that provides a comfortable grip paired with a scroll wheel and buttons that have a reassuring feel, plus you can use it wired, via Bluetooth or over Corsair’s Slipstream high-speed 2.4GHz wireless connection.

The RGB Pro includes a USB-A to USB-C cable, which is used to charge the internal battery of the mouse and act as a wired connection to your computer. This way, you can have a true zero-latency experience. Option two is a tiny USB dongle that directly connects the mouse to your PC via a 2.4GHz connection. This dongle uses Corsair’s proprietary Slipstream wireless tech, which has a sub-1-millisecond wireless speed. That means it’s constantly communicating with the dongle that’s plugged into the USB port on your computer, letting it know exactly what you’re doing with the mouse. Finally, if you don’t have a spare USB port, you can connect the mouse via Bluetooth. You’ll get better gaming performance using either a wired or 2.4GHz connection, but having a fallback option of Bluetooth is a welcome feature.

The three-pronged approach is really handy and allows you to have a few layers of redundancy. This way, if one form of connectivity fails, you have another to continue that match in Fortnite or finish up that work in a spreadsheet. In comparison to the other mice we tested, the RGB Pro wasn’t alone in offering three different connection options, all of which are reliable and relatively issue-free. However, we experienced less interference with the Corsair when connected …….



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