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Gaming laptops are smaller and more powerful than ever, allowing companies to cram more goodies into shrinking spaces. You won’t be hard-pressed to find gaming laptops on the market that have current-gen GPUs inside of them nowadays—they’ve become that powerful.

Performance, portability, price, and overall gaming satisfaction are all core considerations that have gone into this best-of list. Whatever you’re in the market for, it’s essential to find the laptop that’s right for you, and this list will showcase a bunch of solid gaming laptop brands, along with a recommended gaming laptop from each of them.


Image via Asus

Founded in 1989, Chinese computer company Asus produces desktops, laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, and various computer hardware. In 2006, Asus launched Republic of Gamers (ROG), a brand encompassing a range of computer hardware, personal computers, peripherals, and accessories oriented primarily toward PC gaming.

The ROG lineup includes high-spec desktops and laptops, including the Zephrus G15, an extremely well-received gaming laptop. It’s well-built, light, and packs a ton of power. The 16-inch panel is aesthetic, displaying 1440p, 165Hz, and low response times. It also has six built-in speakers, pumping out quality surround sound for an immersive experience, emphasizing key in-game moments.

As far as performance goes, the Zepgrus G15 comes equipped with an AMD 5900HS and either an Nvidia 3070 or 3080 GPU. For most users, the 3070 option should be more than enough power. All in all, the Zephrus G15 strikes a fine balance between power and portability.


Image via Lenovo

Lenovo Group Limited, often shortened to Lenovo, is a Chinese-American multinational technology company specializing in designing, manufacturing, and marketing consumer electronics, personal computers, software, business solutions, and other related services. One of their product lines includes gaming laptops.

During CES 2017, Lenovo introduced Legion, a series of laptops targeting gaming performance. Among the reveal included the Legion Y520 and the Legion Y720, welcomed gaming laptops that each boasted Intel core processors, Nvidia graphics, and optional red backlighting, keeping the keyboard visible late into the night.

Fast forward to the present day, and Lenovo’s newest iteration, the Legion 5 pro—a trimmed down version of 2020’s Legion 7—comes equipped with an AMD 5th series CPU and Nvidia 30 series GPU. For a Ryzen based gaming laptop, the Legion 5 pro hits the mark. The 16-inch screen features G-Sync/FreeSync, quick response time, and minimal backlight bleed. It is on the heavier side, though, so something to keep in mind for gamers who are constantly on the go.


Image via Alienware

Alienware, founded in 1996, is an American computer hardware subsidiary of Dell. Their product range is dedicated to gaming computers, most recognized for their alien-themed designs.

In the last decade, Alienware has offered innovative products like portable gaming laptops and sturdy gaming rigs. They’ve doubled down on the concept of beefy yet powerful hardware for laptops, which has paid off.

Alienware’s latest gaming laptop iteration, the x17, delivers an enjoyable 4K/120Hz gaming experience on a 17.3-inch panel. This type of output is made possible thanks to an Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU, 16GB of memory, and an Intel Core-i7 processor. The best part is, considering the ultra-high display capabilities, the x17 manages to run well—an impressive feat for any 4k gaming laptop to achieve. Note that anything 4k comes at a pretty penny, and the x17 is no exemption. …….



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