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Accessorising your PS5 can bring a load of exciting improvements to your gaming experience. Sony themselves offer a range of products that are designed to perfectly complement the PS5, from specially-made audio to VR.

So, whether you’re looking to elevate your PlayStation gaming, or simply personalise your setup, read on for our favourite PS5 accessories.

Best PS5 accessories to buy in 2022

PlayStation VR Mega Pack

VR has rapidly advanced how dynamic gaming can be. PlayStation now have a series of titles that can be played with their very own VR system, immersing you further into the games with 360-degree vision, surround sound and intuitive controls.

The VR headset has a complete tracking system that can follow the movements of the DualShock 4 controllers, the PlayStation Move controllers and the PSVR aim controller.

Everything you need for PlayStation VR, including the PlayStation Camera, is included in this pack. It also comes with five games that show off the PSVR tech in different and exciting ways, from a first-person shooter to a dynamic puzzle game.

PlayStation 5 DualSense Charging Station

To avoid grabbing the cable mid-game every time your controller dies, this handy dock will keep them charged and ready. The charging station from PlayStation can be plugged into the mains, so the PS5 doesn’t have to be turned on when you need it.

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The double docking station works as a convenient way to store one or both of your controllers. The DualSense charging automatically turns off when the controllers are fully charged, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the battery by leaving them docked for too long.

Sony Pulse 3D Wireless PS5 Headset

Designed to match the aesthetic of the PS5 console, the Pulse 3D headset offers the immersive gaming experience you’ve come to expect from Sony. The headphones have all of the important features, like spatial audio, built-in microphones, and in-game audio control.

The headset also has advanced features like noise-cancellation and a mic monitoring button to hear how you sound to teammates. They’re fully wireless, with up to 12 hours of charge, but they can be used via the 3.5mm cable if necessary.

Venom Colour Change LED Stand

For a stand that’ll blend in perfectly with your PS5, this colour-changing option from Venom has the same and look and feel as the console. There are varying light modes available to personalise the ambience in your room.

The stand helps to protect your PS5 from falling over and its design makes sure that you still have easy access to all ports and buttons.

PlayStation 5 HD Camera

To stream your gameplay easily and effectively, the PlayStation 5 HD Camera is built to seamlessly manage your video capture. It has 1080p video recording and a built-in adjustable stand. Plus, the PlayStation software is able to remove the background to crop you, and only you, into your gameplay footage.


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