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Dragon eye color is so important you guys

Screenshot: Konami

Trading card game Yu-Gi-Oh! has been around since 1999 and Konami has been putting out video games versions of the TCG for just as long. So why is the free-to-play Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, released with little fanfare last week, hitting so hard there are a couple hundred thousand people playing it on Steam at any given time? It’s because Master Duel is the right game at exactly the right moment.

No one saw Master Duel coming. This streamlined, anime and manga free version of the venerable card game was announced in July of last year along with two other Yu-Gi-Oh! games, the fast-paced Rush Duel for the Nintendo Switch and four-player mobile battler Cross Duel. A relatively bare bones, straightforward recreation of the card game seemed the least interesting of the three, so I wasn’t expecting much of Master Duel. Now, a week after the free-to-play game was released for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC, getting in (at least) a couple of online duels has become part of my daily routine. And when I’m not playing, I’ve been thinking about reasons why it’s hit so many people so hard.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Is A Damn Good Card Game

There is a reason Konami’s trading card game has been going strong for more than two decades. It’s good. Its basic back-and-forth between attacking and defending monsters is easy to grasp. Over the years, many game variants have made summoning monsters more complex and dynamic, but the core idea of building up your army of quirky creatures until they overpower the competition remains the same. It’s like Magic: The Gathering, only without having to juggle all of the different mana colors.

I am building a Melffy deck, because of course I am

Screenshot: Konami / Kotaku

The game mechanics are great. The cards are even better. As someone who played the physical game when it first came out and then found my money was better spent on things like rent and medical care, the ability to explore two decades’ worth of expansions without buying a single physical booster pack is incredibly appealing to me. Speaking of money …

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Is Free

Never underestimate the allure of a free-to-play game. We like to look down on games that rely on microtransactions to make money, but having no barrier to entry means that everybody and their brother can enter with very …….



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