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While there is always the Pro, the R-series from OnePlus has been a game-changer. Aimed towards young enthusiasts and gamers, the entry-level flagship from one of the most recognisable premium smartphone brands, the OnePlus 9RT 5G has all the ingredients you need for the battlefield. It’s a powerful flagship made to propel users ahead of the game with a multitude of features, all polished with the definitive OnePlus flavour of utility and minimalism.

And when we say game, we are not just talking about the game of life, but also the video games one play on their smartphones these days. Mobile gaming is now one of the most booming markets, and it’s primarily centred around smartphones in India. And the OnePlus 9RT 5G with its sleek aesthetics and robust performance should be your go-to weapon for the job. Here’s why —

More Than Just Flagship Hardware

Featuring a 6.67-inch 120Hz AMOLED display with HDR10+, and powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, with LPDDR5 RAM up to 12GB, and UFS 3.1 high-speed storage up to 256GB, the core of the OnePlus 9RT 5G is thoroughly flagship and premium. And gaming is one area where the latest hardware is simply an unfair advantage. This is a smartphone that is designed to offer a best-in-class experience by marrying cutting-edge hardware with intuitive and intelligent software. As a result, games on the OnePlus 9RT 5G can max out the frame rates without dropping any frames, or showing any lag.

But games running at maxed-out graphics and high frame rates is one part of the story. It improves the visual experience of immersing yourself in the game. More than that, with features like HyperTouch 2.0, you actually have a tactical advantage over others. Every touch display has something called a Touch Sampling Rate, which is nothing but the number of times the display refreshes to register a touch input in one second. Higher this number, the quicker the display registers touch. With most mobile games played on touchscreens, this feature becomes absolutely necessary for young gamers to know and understand.

Hypertouch 2.0 uses OnePlus’ proprietary algorithm to unlock the potential of a 300Hz response rate display, to deliver an industry-leading 600Hz sampling rate. That’s twice as fast as what most entry-level flagships offer. With a 600Hz touch sampling rate, the OnePlus 9RT 5G is able to lower its input lag from 36ms to an astounding 29ms, which OnePlus claims is more than twice the speed of devices in the same price range.

Next, the OnePlus 9RT 5G features 4D Intelligent Haptics that further improves the experience of gaming on this flagship. Vibration feedback is not just for your notifications and alarms, it can do wonders to the gaming experience on a touchscreen device, where every touch in-game feels a lot more immersive and tangible. It also improves accuracy, giving gamers the feedback that their quick touches on the display while gaming has been registered. OnePlus has worked with popular games like BGMI and COD: Mobile to incorporate over 150 unique haptic feedback types, making these wildly popular games more immersive and life-like like never before.

An immersive gaming experience is still more than all the hardware features inside. With mobile gaming increasingly becoming a community activity, where players …….



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