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Founded in 2016 by former Fnatic LEC coach Luis “Deilor” Sevilla, Dygma aims to create the most advanced keyboards with the best ergonomics to promote player health and comfort. This focus on ergonomics puts the company’s flagship keyboard in a different bracket than most gaming keyboard companies.

Gaming keyboards all follow similar designs, making for an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” market that rarely offers much in the way of meaningful innovation. This tried-and-true formula isn’t inherently bad, but in offering something that can please the masses, the finer details regarding player health and comfort can slide by the wayside in favor of a more interesting-looking case or more compact package. Ergonomic keyboards typically try to remedy this issue, but their designs can be difficult to get used to typing with while others resemble the typewriters of old.

Looking at Dygma’s Raise keyboard, the goal seems to be to bridge the gap between modern gaming keyboards and ergonomics to create something fresh. Taking the comfort and health benefits of a split keyboard design along with the responsiveness of a gaming keyboard, Dygma hopes to check all the boxes for gamers but hit an undeniable pitfall in the process.

The Dygma Raise’s nuts and bolts

Photo by Colton Deck / Dot Esports

Dygma’s flagship keyboard is an ergonomic with an optional split, meaning that you can use it in a 60 percent form or in a split configuration. There are plenty of keyboards out there with this split configuration, but few offer an optional approach. In making the split fully optional, Dygma makes it slightly easier for your hands and muscles to adjust. But the Raise offers a bit more than most keyboards, ergonomic or otherwise.

The Raise does its best to impress straightaway with doubleshot PBT keycaps, carrying case, tools, and accessories. The included case feels sturdy and is similar to the one that ships with Kinesis Gaming’s TKO keyboard. Inside the case, there’s a magnetic compartment for the necessary USB-C cables and a few smaller accessories like a switch puller. The switch and keycap puller combo tool comes in the Raise Enhancement kit. The kit also features O-rings, a switch tester, two extra keycaps, and a couple of cleaning cloths.

To connect the Raise, Dygma provides four USB-C cables, but three will do. The choice to include USB-C connections tracks with the theme of comfort since having to connect three cables seems a little extra for those who aren’t used to non-traditional keyboards. Being USB-C, the cables are easy to connect at odd angles should you have a more restricted setup.

Photo by Colton Deck / Dot Esports

One of the most important features of a keyboard is its switches and having a hot-swappable PCB allows users to experiment to find the best switch for them. It isn’t a unique feature by any means, but for an ergonomic split keyboard, it’s a solid addition that makes sense given the intended purpose of a keyboard like the Raise. Dygma offers the choice between Kailh Speed Silvers, Kailh Speed Coppers, Kailh Speed Bronze, Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Blue, Kailh Silent Pink, and Kailh Silent Brown.

Something that is normally a concern on other keyboards is the fixed typing angle. Running a fixed typing angle is always a gamble, and the lack of flip-up feet here still ding the …….



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