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Anthony Karcz

I wanted a gaming table before I even knew gaming tables were a thing.

Packing up a session of Pandemic: Legacy, I would grumble, knowing that if I could just leave everything set up, my son and I could finish the campaign quicker. Or I’d be crafting a box insert and have to find a place for all the foam and supplies and in-progress pieces because we needed to use the table for boring things like eating dinner. 

Then, Wyrmwood Gaming announced their first gaming table, the Prophecy Gaming Table. Crafted from premium woods, it featured a sunken, felted interior that you could raise and lower, then cover with a premium wood topper. The key word being “premium.” Being one of the first, Wyrmood wanted to make theirs the best. That was reflected in the “more expensive than my first car” price.

For years, I watched Wyrmwood Gaming closely, waiting for them to announce something less expensive, something that was attainable without taking out a small loan. So when the company launched their Modular Gaming Table Kickstarter back in the fall of 2020, there was reason to get excited.

Inexpensive But Not Cheap

While it eschews some of the features of the more expensive model (namely the raise/lower mechanism), the “flat packed” Modular Gaming Table is assembled by backers and costs thousands less but still gives you a quality, real-wood table on which you can also game, not some chipboard warehouse-store special. 

Because the Modular Gaming Table comes in multiple form factors, it’s priced astonishingly low, starting at $300 for the smallest option with the most common wood choice. So if you don’t have room or budget for a dining room table made from purple heart wood, you can get a coffee table made from maple instead. Even better, since the MGT is modular, you can buy the parts you need later to convert your table into nearly any size you want. 

In addition to the table itself, the campaign included gaming accessories that clicked into the magnetic rail built around the inner and outer perimeter of the table. Everything from card-holders to full gaming desks were on offer, ensuring that no matter how you game, you’d have everything you need to create individualized gamer stations for every player.  

If you follow Wynwood on social or watch their Wrym Lyfe vlog, you know that the Modular Gaming Table campaign utterly transformed the company. The partner company Wyrmwood Gaming acquired had to cease all non-MGT production just so the company could fulfill the over $8.8-million in Kickstarter pledges.

There were stops and starts as they figured out how to build the Modular Gaming Table at scale and still deliver pieces that would meet their Craftsman’s Promise. For a brief moment it seemed like the company would collapse under the pressure of their own success. Machines broke or underperformed, wood warped for seemingly no reason, and upper management shuffled as they tried to come to grips with their new, larger organization.

Thankfully, Wyrmwood Gaming weathered their production woes and started delivering Modular Gaming Tables to backers early in 2021, including my own. Without any hyperbole, this is the best piece of furniture I’ve ever owned.

Unboxing And Assembling The MGT

I had my doubts as the small flotilla of …….



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