TheA500 Mini: Retro Amiga remake is now orderable with 25 games, a mouse, gamepad and HDMI –

TheA500 Mini has 25 games, such as Another World and Worms. (Image source: Retro Games Ltd)

TheA500 Mini is a retro take on Commodore’s classic console, which comes with peripherals and 25 pre-installed games. Like many retro consoles, it is also possible to expand the game library by downloading compatible games to a USB stick. TheA500 Mini is orderable now in multiple markets, including the US, where it retails for US$139.99.

TheA500 Mini is finally orderable, having been announced last autumn. To recap, the retro console can play games from the Amiga 500, Amiga 600 or Amiga 1200 and comes with 25 titles pre-installed. As Retro Games Ltd explains on its website, highlights include Another World, Simon The Sorcerer, The Chaos Engine and Worms.

However, TheA500 Mini supports side-loading via a USB stick thanks to WHDLoad. According to Retro Games Ltd, TheA500 Mini outputs games at 720p in either 50 or 60 Hz using its built-in HDMI port. Moreover, TheA500 Mini can create four save game slots per game and has three USB Type-A ports for connecting accessories. With that in mind, Retro Games Ltd bundles an original style 2-button mouse and an engineered 8-button gamepad.

For reference, TheA500 Mini measures 250 x 177 x 78 mm, substantially smaller than the original Amiga 500. TheA500 Mini will begin shipping on May 31, 2022, and can be pre-ordered from retailers like Amazon. It remains to be seen how many A500 Mini consoles will be produced, but Amazon still has stock left.

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