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Want to add a cute, cuddly companion to your tabletop or RPG game nights? Check out the Kobold Plushies. These stuffed animals are fantasy tabletop game inspired.

Strengthen your role-playing skills with the Kobold Plushies. These tabletop-gaming-inspired stuffed animals come in 6 huggable options and stand 10-inches tall.

Love RPG and tabletop games? Then the Kobold Plushies are the ideal companions. Cute, cuddly, and featuring their own fascinating storylines, you’ll want to collect them all.

Kobold Plushies in different character options

Check out the Kobold Plushies

According to the Kickstarter campaign, kobolds are lizards who believe they’re descendants of dragons. Tiny, they’re known for their inventive persistence and team spirit. Each of the Kobold Plushies wants to be an adventurer and hero.

Kobold Plushies in green, orange, and purple

Meet the entire adventuring party

So, we mentioned that these board game-inspired stuffed animals come in 6 versions, but what are they? Their names are Rory, Coda, Yuki, Shep, Buckles, and Flick. Let’s talk about them and their individual stories below.

Kobold Plushies in a YouTube video

The Rory kobold

Rory is the original kobold wizard. He longs to go on adventures and is an avid reader. He loves learning about faraway places and different cultures. Whenever he and his friends play, he’s the scene-setter, describing their pretend destinations in detail.

The Flick kobold

Flick is popular with his friends—when he’s around. The natural world fascinates him, and when he finds a question or object that rivets his attention, he’ll focus on nothing else. However, when playing with his group, he’s entirely devoted to them.

The Buckles kobold

Buckles is the cute blue edition of these tabletop-gaming-inspired stuffed animals. She values her family more than anything and thinks of her friends as relatives. As a youngster, she was teased for her large size. But friends who were kind to her earned her eternal loyalty. She vows to protect the defenseless so that no one will ever feel the hurt she experienced.

The Shep kobold

Shep is the animal-loving kobold. Any creature that steps inside his pet carrier is immune to harm. Meanwhile, Shep doesn’t sit still for long. He likes being the center of attention and often plays jokes and sets traps to gain the other Kobold Plushies’ attention.

The Yuki kobold

Probably the most mystical of these tabletop gaming-inspired stuffed animals, Yuki got lost in the sewers as a 2-year-old. A mysterious light made a deal with her and guided her out. For Yuki, power is the most important currency. While her friends may find her ambitions dangerous, they’re glad when she helps them out of trouble.

The Coda kobold

The purple, cuddly Coda is the bard of the group. She sees the world as a canvas, and she’s ready to leave her mark on it. With her inventive thoughts and words, she knows that she’ll leave an impression that lasts well after everything else has passed.

Kobold Plushie in blue

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