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The most famous portable console in the world was one of the pioneers in terms of accessories and extras: photo printers, webcam, virtual reality, etc. Now, 20 years later, we discovered an invention for the Game Boy that would have revolutionized the technology industry.

Surely more than one of you who are now reading this news had a Game Boy. And surely more than two of you still lovingly keep said console in a drawer in your house.

It is normal, it is one of the most loved laptops by gamers due to its huge catalog, its unforgettable titles and, above all, because of how innovative it was.

You will all remember that the Game Boy had all kinds of accessories to plug into it. We could take photos, we could print those snapshots, virtual reality glasses were created … and the list goes on and on.

The point is that now, in the middle of 2021 and with the Game Boy being a 1998 console, we have discovered thanks to a YouTube channel that is dedicated to investigating in the past that Nintendo worked on an accessory called Page Boy that wanted to turn the console into a smartphone.

When we say that it had the potential to transform the Game Boy into a smartphone we mean it because said device was intended to use radio transmission technology so Game Boy Color owners could do it all.

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Find information and read international news, visit gaming magazines, check weather reports, sports scores and even Allow users to watch live TV.

This technology also allowed users to contact and message any Game Boy user that had the Page Boy accessory.

Liam Robertson, a journalist and video game historian, has spoken with some of those who worked on the Page Boy project with Nintendo to find out what killed the accessory before it saw the light of day.

According to those involved, following a meeting with Nintendo America in 1999, the company became excited about the potential of the Page Boy And for the next three years, Nintendo worked with Wizard to see if this add-on could actually be created and if it would prove profitable.

This exclusively portable Nintendo console features a more compact and lightweight size and also better battery life than the regular model.

Even if Nintendo was impressed by many of PageBoy’s features, such as the ability to send images with the Game Boy’s camera and even the ability to send live video to PageBoy owners via radio broadcast technology ran into a major hurdle.

The device relied on radio networks that only existed in some parts of the world, like the United States, severely limiting the device’s customer base.

According to Robertson, he was told that Nintendo believed the key to the Game Boy’s success was the universality of the hardware, which allowed users around the world to play the same games with the same features.

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