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A proper set of laptop accessories is absolutely needed for a better overall experience. Whether the user is putting the laptop in a fully fledged gaming setup or using it as a daily driver, a good set of laptop accessories always pays off. These days, all the renowned brands are in fast-paced competition to bring the best laptops for every kind of usage at every price range.

With the advancement in technology, makers are also trying to bring new and innovative laptop accessories to the market. High-end docks to break the connectivity barrier, cooling pads for better thermal performance, and webcam covers for better privacy. These laptop accessories break the limitations of a laptop and provide the user with an almost desktop-like experience.

5 best essential laptop accessories, their specs, and prices

1) Targus Spy Guard Sliding Webcam Cover

In an age where cyber crimes have become a serious issue (all credit to the hackers), staying safe digitally is a big concern. Thousands of security cams and webcams are being hacked, and various video footage containing sensitive matters are being sold on the darkweb. This is one of the most essential laptop accessories for security.

This is where a webcam cover comes in handy. It also helps to easily cover the webcam at any video call or conference, mitigating the unintentional error of keeping the webcam on. There are various webcam covers available in the market for laptops and desktops. Targus Spy Guard Sliding Webcam Cover is one of them, with good build quality and easy operation.

Priced at $9.99 for a pack of 3.

2) Kensington Locks

Theft of electronic devices is a pretty common issue. Especially when working at any cafe, restaurant, or lounge, it feels really uncomfortable to leave the laptop at the table to go to the counter, or washroom. Or even if the user has a mischievous kid or prankster roommate around from whom they want to safeguard their precious devices, Kensington locks are the way to go.

The Kensington lock was first patented by Kryptonite around 2000s, and has remained relevant up to this day. About all of the modern day laptops come with a Kensington slot. The lock itself resembles a bicycle lock, and using it is super easy. There are no specific brands, so buyers can get anything with a good rating. Kensington locks come with key or combination lock system options.

Priced around $20.

3) Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5

While gaming laptops are catching up on desktops at the performance level, they’re still far behind on the cooling factor. Mainly due to compact space, it is really difficult to put in a proper integrated cooling system that all those high-end CPUs and GPUs deserve.

The Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5 has 4 small 2.76″ cooling fans in the corners and a large 5.9″ cooling fan in the middle. Users can use the small fans and the big fan separately or can run all 5 fans at once. There are six adjustable height settings for convenience. The two stoppers at the front stop the from falling off. This cooling pad is enough for up to 17″ laptops.

Priced at $26.66.

4) HUANUO Monitor and Laptop Mount with Tray

Laptop mount is another essential device to create a proper work or gaming setup with multiple displays. Any able person can make …….



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